MBA Information Systems

Information Systems

The Information Systems major provides the student with a managerial overview of computers and information systems. Emphasis is placed on the role and function of the computer as a managerial tool to store, process, analyze and present information. Students are required to successfully complete INFS 6050 or its equivalent, by completing either an undergraduate degree in Information Systems or Computer Science from an accredited school. In addition to INFS 6050 (typically offered fall terms), students majoring in Information Systems must choose three additional courses of the following.


Must complete the MBA core course requirements in addition to the following:
INFS 6050Information Systems Fundamentals (Required for non IS/CS undergraduate majors)3
Select three of the following:9
Business Intelligence Management
Systems Analysis And Design (prerequisite BUAD 6800)
Information Integration and Data Management
Management of Information Systems Security
ERP Systems Configuration and Integration
Network Communications
Contemporary Topics Seminar (Repeatable with separate topics)
Total Hours12