Classification of Students

Students may be admitted in four categories to take graduate studies.

  1. Regular – An applicant is admitted as a regular graduate student if all admission requirements have been met.
  2. Provisional – An applicant is admitted as a provisional student if, at the time of application, all of the requirements for admission have not been completed. All admission requirements must be completed during the first semester of attendance.  In order to obtain regular admission status, the student is required to fulfill the conditions required by the admitting department/program.
  3. Graduate Non-Degree – Applicants interested in taking graduate courses for personal enrichment, professional development, certification, or who wish to explore graduate study prior to deciding on a degree program, may enroll under Graduate Non-Degree status. This status is not an admission to a College of Graduate Studies degree program. However, if subsequently accepted to a degree program, a student may, upon approval of the College of Graduate Studies, have a limited number of successfully completed semester hours counted toward a degree. Since this status is not available in all academic areas, applicants should inquire with the College of Graduate Studies and the appropriate department or college before submitting an application. Students registering as graduate non-degree are not eligible for federal financial aid. Graduate non-degree status does not guarantee admission to a degree seeking program.
  4. Guest – A student enrolled in a graduate program at an accredited institution other than The University of Toledo may be admitted as a graduate guest student. A transcript of work completed at The University of Toledo will be sent to the student’s home institution for the semester enrolled. This status is granted on a semester basis and is contingent upon approval of the institution in which the student is pursuing a degree.