Certificate in Advanced Intervention for Listening and Spoken Language

The certificate in advanced intervention for listening and spoken language (HE-LICH-CRG) is designed to provide The University of Toledo speech-language pathology graduate students and working professionals, who are certified and licensed speech-language pathologists, with the knowledge and tools necessary to support listening and spoken language development of children who use advanced hearing technologies.

Graduate students, accepted into The University of Toledo speech-language pathology graduate program, may enroll in the online certificate program concurrently. Graduate students take four additional online courses to earn the HE-LICH-CRG certificate along with the necessary coursework and clinical experience (including working with clients with hearing loss).

Certified and licensed speech-language pathologists, working with children who use advanced hearing technologies to develop listening and spoken language, may also enroll in the four online courses. Individuals applying for the certificate must provide verification of the Certificate of Clinical Competence awarded by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and appropriate state licensure, write a letter of intent, provide a letter of recommendation and support from a supervisor, and participate in an interview.

Students enrolled in the HE-LICH-CRG program will be better prepared to work with children with hearing loss and also position themselves for certification as a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist by the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf (a multi-year process).

Plan of Study Grid
First TermHours
SLP 6810 Facilitating Auditory Learning and Spoken Language for Children with Hearing Loss 3
Second Term
SLP 6820 Hearing Technology 3
SLP 6830 Lang Lit Ac of Child Hear Loss 3
SLP 6840 Team Models and Ed Leadership 3
 Total Hours12

Clinical experience: The HE-LICH-CRG certificate also requires clinical experience providing listening and spoken language interventions for children who use advanced hearing technologies. This may be obtained through The University of Toledo graduate program clinical practicum and internship rotation, which includes supervision. Working professionals must arrange a mentorship to support their clinical skill development as part of the certificate program.

To learn more about the certificate in advanced intervention for listening and spoken language, interested persons should contact: Dr. Lori Pakulski at Lori.Pakulski@utoledo.edu.