B.A. in Visual Art

The curriculum leading to the B.A. in Visual Art requires a minimum of 48 hours of courses in the major (50 hours maximum), which must include the following:

Foundational Art Studies (Basic Skills Area)
ART 1040Foundations of Art Studio Technology3
ART 1050Foundations of 2D Design3
ART 1060Foundations of 3D Design3
ART 1070Foundations of Digital Media3
ART 1080Foundations of Drawing I3
ART 1090Foundations of Drawing II3
Core Art Studies
Guided Electives in 2D Core Studies
Select one of the following:3
Life Drawing
Introduction to Printmaking
Introduction to Painting
Guided Electives in 3D Core Studies
ART 2200Introduction to Sculpture3
or ART 2210 Introduction to Ceramics
Guided Electives in New Media Core Studies
ART 2010Graphic Design: Print3
or ART 2030 Introduction to Photography
Advanced Art Studies 2
Select 18 credits total. A minimum of 12 credits must be completed at the 3000-4000 level.18
Graphic Design: Print
Graphic Design: Web
Introduction to Photography
Life Drawing
Introduction to Printmaking
Introduction to Sculpture
Introduction to Ceramics
Introduction to Painting
Visual Literacy-Data Visualization
Photography: Topics
Interactive Coding
Printmaking: Topics
2D: Topics
Painting: Topics
Sculpture: Topics
Gallery Practices
Advanced Graphic Design:Topic
Outsider Art and Community Practice
Contemporary Design Methods and Practices
Special Topics in Art
Advanced Photography: Topics
Game Design: Topic
Time, Motion, Space: Topics
Advanced Printmaking: Topic
Advanced 2D: Topics
Advanced Painting: Topic
Advanced Sculpture: Topic
Advanced Ceramics: Topic
Bio-Design Challenge
Installation Art
Wearable Conditions
Mixed Media: Topics
BA Thesis Project 4
Professional Practices
Design Project: Topics
Special Studies
Support Course3
Concepts in Art, Studio and Theory
Gallery Practices
Professional Practices
Related Course Work
ARTH 2050History of Western Art I3
ARTH 2060History of Western Art II3
ARTH 2080History Of Modern Art3
or ARTH 2550 History of Graphic Design
Select one Non-Western Art History course:3
Asian Art
Ethnographic Art
Topics In Asian Art
Ancient Art Of The Americas
African Art
Art History Elective 3000-4000 level (not ARTH 1500)3
ARTH 3400Contemporary Art3
or ARTH 3500 History Of Photography
or ARTH 4500 Contemporary Art And Theory

The AAS courses provide a consistent framework of categories within each of the following areas: 2D, 3D, NM. Within each of these area categories, specific course topics and content are offered on a rotational basis and appear in the catalog using a prefix and descriptive course subtitle. For example, in a given semester, ART 3100  would appear as ART 3100: Screen-printing.


Students may not take the same course in both the CORE and Advanced Studies categories. ART 4910 or 4940 can be taken with department approval to use in Advanced Studies.

Note: All Foundation Art Studies courses, 2 Core Art Studies courses, and either ARTH 2050 or ARTH 2060 Art History Survey should be taken before the 3000/4000 level. BA Visual Art students select from the same pool of course offerings as the B.F.A. students, except for the capstone thesis project.

Students pursuing the B.A. degree may not elect the PS/NC option in studio art or art history courses or in related courses.

Art majors should meet every semester with their Advisor.

Below is a sample plan of study. Consult your degree audit for your program requirements.

Plan of Study Grid
First TermHours
AR 1000 First Year Orientation 1
ART 1050 Foundations of 2D Design 3
ART 1080 Foundations of Drawing I 3
ARTH 2050 History of Western Art I 3
ENGL 1110
College Composition I
or College Composition 1 Co-Requisite
MATH 1180 Reasoning With Mathematics 3
Second Term
ART 1040 Foundations of Art Studio Technology 3
ART 1060 Foundations of 3D Design 3
ART 1070 Foundations of Digital Media 3
ENGL 1130
College Composition II: Academic Disciplines And Discourse
or Technical Writing
or Professional and Business Writing
Core Natural Science 3
Natural Science Lab 1
Third Term
ART 1090 Foundations of Drawing II 3
Select one of the following 3D Core courses: 3
Introduction to Sculpture
Introduction to Ceramics
ARTH 2060 History of Western Art II 3
ENGL 2710-ENGL 2800 Arts/Humanities Core (English Lit) 3
Natural Sciences Core 3
Fourth Term
ART 2010
Graphic Design: Print
or Introduction to Photography
Select one of the following 2D Core Electives: 3
Life Drawing
Introduction to Printmaking
Introduction to Painting
ARTH 2080
History Of Modern Art
or History of Graphic Design
or History Of Photography
Social Sciences Core 3
Arts/Humanities Core (History) 3
Fifth Term
Advanced Art Studies 6
Elementary Foreign Language I 4
Arts and Letters Social Science 3
ART History elective 2000-4000 level 3
Sixth Term
Advanced Art Studies 9
Select one of the following Non-Western Art/Non-US Diversity courses: 3
Asian Art
Ethnographic Art
African Art
Elementary Foreign Language II 4
Seventh Term
ART 3400
Concepts in Art, Studio and Theory
or Gallery Practices
or Professional Practices
Intermediate Foreign Language I or approved culture course 3
US Diversity or Elective 3
ARTH 3400
Contemporary Art
or History Of Photography
or Contemporary Art And Theory
Eighth Term
Advanced Art Studies 3
Intermediate Foreign Language II or approved culture course 3
Core Social Science 3
Elective 5
 Total Hours120

Honors in B.A. in Visual Art Degree

Qualified juniors and seniors may apply to the Honors Program in studio art. The following are requirements for entrance into the Honors Program in studio art:

  1. Admission
    1. 3.5 minimum GPA in studio art
    2. 3.3 minimum cumulative GPA
    3. 6 hours must be completed in the area of concentration, plus 9 hours of Foundational Art Studies
    4. Instructors’ permission (areas of concentration: 2D Studies, 3D Studies, New Media Studies)
  2. Requirements
    A student must have completed a minimum of six hours of honors course work in studio art before beginning the thesis project. (Note: This does not include six hours of concentration needed for admission into the Honors Program.) The student must take the BA Thesis Project capstone as an honors course with additional requirements. The designation “honors” on the diploma will be given to students who receive a grade of A on the honors thesis project and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 in studio art.
  • PLO 1: Aesthetic abilities: Students will create artworks with an aesthetic order that expresses meaning and furthers cognitive growth.
  • PLO 2: Technique and the comprehension of a medium s potential: Students will use the appropriate tools and art/design materials to develop creative projects within and beyond their area of concentration.
  • PLO 3: Presentation/career preparedness: Students will plan, develop and create artistic projects in an exhibition, portfolio, and/or publication format.\\n
  • PLO 4: Writing and communication skills: Students will discuss, interpret and summarize complex ideas effectively through written, oral, and visual rhetoric.\\n
  • PLO 5: Research skills: Students will use multiple global resources in the arts, humanities, and sciences for developing creative projects.