Minor in Documentary Production and Practice

The College recommends that non-Art majors also take ART 1070 before beginning this minor.

Required Courses
FILM 2310Film I 13
or COMM 2160 Single Camera Production
ART 2030Introduction to Photography 13
or COMM 2300 Photojournalism
Select remaining courses to total 18 credits from: 212
Introduction to Photography 1
Film I 1
Single Camera Production
Mass Communication Law 1
Documentary Film 1
Cinematography and Color Grading 1
Documentary Field Production 1
Advanced Photography: Topics 1, 3
FILM 4210
Advanced Television Production 1
Mass Communication History 1
Total Hours18

This course has at least one pre-requisite. Contact the instructor to determine if you have acceptable alternative experience for admission into the course.


Courses should be chosen primarily from outside your major. At least 9 credits must be at the 3/4000 level.


Documentary Photography or other appropriate topics chosen in consultation with Advisor.