Minor in Documentary Production and Practice

Description: The interdisciplinary minor in Documentary Production and Practice aims to teach students about the history and application of documentary practice so that they may have an understanding of the specific tools and techniques used in the creation of still and moving images that convey factual, scientific and personal histories.

The College recommends that non-Art majors also take ART 1070 before beginning this minor.

Required Courses
FILM 2310Film I 13
or COMM 2160 Single Camera Production
ART 2030Introduction to Photography 13
or COMM 2300 Photojournalism
Select remaining courses to total 18 credits from: 212
Introduction to Photography 1
Film I 1
Single Camera Production
Mass Communication Law 1
Documentary Film 1
Cinematography and Color Grading 1
Documentary Field Production 1
Advanced Photography 1, 3
Film Censorship 1
Advanced Television Production 1
Mass Communication History 1
Total Hours18