Certificate in Nurse Paralegal

LGL 1010Introduction To Law3
LGL 1720Law Practice Management3
LGL 2020Civil Procedure3
LGL 1150Tort Law3
LGL 1160Legal Research, Writing And Case Analysis3
LGL 2210Practices And Procedures In Administrative Law3
LGL 2940Legal Assisting Internship3
Total Hours21

Below is a sample curriculum for the certificate program. Sample curriculum is subject to change. Please consult the department for up-to-date information.

The certificate requires 21 credit hours for completion.

Nurse Paralegal Certificate

Plan of Study Grid
First TermHours
LGL 1010 Introduction To Law 3
LGL 1720 Law Practice Management 3
LGL 2020 Civil Procedure 3
Second Term
LGL 1150 Tort Law 3
LGL 1160 Legal Research, Writing And Case Analysis 3
LGL 2210 Practices And Procedures In Administrative Law 3
Third Term
LGL 2940 Legal Assisting Internship 3
 Total Hours21
  • PLO 1. Develop the student s organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills which will enhance the student s ability to contribute to the student s legal environment upon graduation;
  • PLO 2. Illustrate a broad understanding of legal concepts in a variety of substantive areas.
  • PLO 3. Develop critical thinking skills and learn to express legal concepts clearly and briefly by adherence to the rudiments of successful legal writing: precision, conciseness, simplicity, and clarity.
  • PLO 4. Demonstrate competence in legal issues involving personal injury, medical malpractice, workers compensation, wrongful death, and social security.
  • PLO 5. Formulate legal arguments produce opening statements, direct and cross examinations and closing arguments.
  • PLO 6. Research legal issues and prepare motions, briefs and pleadings and other legal documents.
  • PLO 7. Be able to identify, give examples of and interpret ethics issues relative to the practice of law.