Licensure Tests

All students completing a teacher education licensure program at The University of Toledo are required to complete a series of licensure tests. These tests have been approved by the Ohio Department of Education and CAEP. The required tests are listed below:

1. Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) – The state of Ohio has adopted a series of licensure tests that all teacher education students must satisfactorily complete in order to be recommended for licensure. OAE tests are required in professional education and the subject content area(s). Students are required to register for these exams and to pay all testing fees. Information about tests, testing dates and location, test preparation, and passing scores may be found in the Office of Student Services and in the departmental offices.

2. Other – Performance assessments will be used throughout the program to evaluate students' performance and to provide information on the quality of the program. 

Recommendation for Licensure

Licensure to teach in the fields selected is made only upon the recommendation of the dean of the Judith Herb College of Education. The associate dean will recommend licensure to the Ohio State Department of Education only in the teaching fields in which the student meets all requirements as defined in this catalog.