Student Services

Office of Student Services
Shirley Michel, secretary
Gillham Hall Room 3100
Phone: 419.530.2495

Lindsey Baumgartner, academic advisor
Gillham Hall Room 3100Q
Phone: 419.530.2495 

Suzanne Garza, academic advisor
Gillham Hall Room 3100P
Phone: 419.530.2495

Melissa Spann, academic advisor/enrollment specialist
Gillham Hall Room 3100R
Phone: 419.530.2495


The Office of Student Services in the Judith Herb College of Education coordinates academic advising. The office’s mission is to provide quality, timely and comprehensive student services that will enhance student success in achieving academic goals. Although the ultimate responsibility for making personal and educational decisions rests with the student, his/her potential for academic success can improve considerably through relationships with the college’s advisors, who can provide assistance in identifying educational options and enhancing student potential.

Students in the Judith Herb College of Education are assigned academic advisors. Essential services provided by advisors include degree requirements, career opportunities, and interpretations of college and University policies and procedures. Advising is through appointment only. Please call 419.530.2495 for an appointment.