Academic Policies and Advising Services

General Requirements

Refer to the general College of Graduate Studies section of this catalog for general academic policies that apply to all graduate students in areas such as advising, minimum enrollment, dishonesty, grievance, and probation and dismissal.

Academic Advising

Advising for the M.A.B.A, M.S.A, M.B.A., and Neff College of Business and Innovation graduate certificate programs are available in the Office of Graduate Programs located in Stranahan Hall Suite 1016. Students are encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor regularly. Academic Advisors are here to assist with student concerns related to academics, policies and procedures, academic planning, and graduation. Academic Advisors, at times, may also provide referrals for services. While Academic Advisors are here to assist with students as needed, each student is ultimately responsible for correct and timely completion of degree requirements.

The College of Graduate Studies utilizes the pdf plan of study form to define the student's course of study, and focus for degree.  It is the student's responsibility to notify their Academic Advisor of any changes to an approved plan of study and to track progress toward degree.

The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) is an automated record that contains all the student’s graduation requirements and assist with tracking student’s progress toward meeting those requirements. Degree audits are used to confirm degree program requirements for graduation.  Degree audits are available to students online through the myUT portal Student Self-Service. Students are encouraged to keep their plan of study and to discuss their degree audits (DARS) with their Academic Advisors. Utilizing both tools will ensure consistency with meeting all degree requirements and making progress toward degree.

Students interested in changing their major or program are encouraged to meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss how the change will impact program requirements, timely completion, and career aspirations.

Financial Assistance

Over the years, a myriad of generous donors have directed their philanthropic efforts toward the John B. and Lillian E. Neff College of Business and Innovation. Many of the donations have been designated exclusively for scholarships for business students. As a result, the Neff College of Business and Innovation proudly awards approximately $200,000 in scholarships each spring semester to currently enrolled students for the coming academic year.

Criteria for the business scholarships vary greatly. For example, some scholarships are based on the student's major area of study while others are based on GPA, financial need, and/or rank. By completing one on-line application, students are automatically considered for all scholarships for which they meet the criteria. Annually, the online scholarship is available between November 8th through February 1st from a link that is available on the Neff College of Business and Innovation scholarships webpage during that timeframe. Scholarship applications are due each year on February 1st. While this application is targeted towards undergraduate students, there are many scholarships that are available to graduate students.

Students are also welcome to complete a scholarship search through the Office of Student Financial Aid designating the Neff College of Business and Innovation and Graduate level in the search criteria.

Transfer Students

Students who have taken graduate course work at another AACSB-accredited university or from another college at The University of Toledo may, upon recommendation of the appropriate Department Chair and Associate Dean for Graduate Research, be permitted to transfer up to twelve semester hours, not to exceed one-third of the hours required for the graduate degree, of business-related course work toward master level degrees.  A grade of B or higher must be achieved in order to transfer any graduate courses, and the transferred credit must not have been applied in whole or in part toward any other degree or certificate from another university. Students must hold regular admission status and be actively pursuing a graduate degree before requesting transfer credit. Transfer credits must have been earned within the period of six years immediately preceding the time the degree is awarded. If the previously approved transfer credit is beyond the time limitation for the degree, it can no longer be used to fulfill degree requirements.

Student Academic Conduct and Academic Grievance

Issues related to charges of student academic misconduct or disputes as to final course grades and or program dismissal, and the procedures for resolving such issues are set forth by the specific language of the Neff College of Business and Innovation Code of Student Academic Conduct and the procedures for resolution of such issues in the Neff College of Business and Innovation Student Academic Grievance Procedure. Procedural guidelines are located on the college’s web site.

Neff College of Business and Innovation Code of Student Academic Conduct:

Neff College of Business and Innovation Student Academic Grievance Procedure:

Student Grievance Form:

UT-Graduate Academic policies

Academic Probation and Dismissal

Graduate students whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 during any semester will be automatically placed on academic probation. Full-time students on academic program will have at most two semesters to meet the cumulative GPA standard. A student failing to meet the standard will be subject to dismissal. A part-time student on academic probation will be required to meet the GPA standard after 12 additional credit hours of graduate coursework.  Students are required to meet with their Advisor to develop a plan of action to improve their GPA.

A grade of C (2.0) is the minimum passing grade for graduate courses. Grades of below C will continue to be counted in calculating the cumulative grade point average. Students are not permitted to exceed two courses, for a maximum of 12 credit hours, of course retakes. Both the original and the repeated grades will appear on the transcript and will be calculated into the cumulative GPA. Grade deletion is not an option at the graduate level.

Students who are subjected to Academic Dismissal must sit out for a minimum of two calendar years prior to seeking program readmission. A student may exercise the graduate academic fresh start option by submission of a petition to the Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs and Dean of the Graduate College once the student is readmitted and successfully completes 12 credit hours (not to exceed three semesters) with a grade of B (3.0) or higher in each courses. Academic Fresh start will remove the graduate cumulative grade point average for all grades earned under the student's prior enrollment at the University of Toledo. All University of Toledo grades will remain on the student's official, permanent academic record.


The readmission process is required for graduate students who have not registered for one calendar year or more and wish to complete the program to which they were previously admitted or those who wish to return from an approved leave of absence. Students need to work with their Advisor to prepare the materials required to complete the readmission application. All required readmission materials must be completed and approved through the Neff College of Business and Innovation before the application will be reviewed by the Graduate College. Admissibility and catalog eligibility will be determined during this process. Upon review and approval, the matriculation will be reopened and notification sent to both the student and Advisor by the Graduate College. A fee of $50 is assessed for the re-admission process. Once approved, an email will be sent to the student's UToledo email account to initiate payment with a link to our secure Touchnet payment site to complete the process.

Students who have exceeded the original time limit for degree (6 years) at the time of completing the readmission process will have to seek either: Continuation of Matriculation for Degree (one year extension) or Request for Time Extension & Course Recertification (beyond one year). Students will work with their Academic Advisor to complete the additional request.


When students are nearing the completion of their program, they must file an application to graduate online through myUT portal by the posted deadline dates. The College of Graduate Studies will verify that all requirements have been satisfied before notification will be sent to the Registrar's Office of degree completion. Students are encouraged to work closely with their Academic Advisor to ensure all degree requirements have been met. Students are also encouraged to review the Master or Doctoral Student's Degree Completion Requirements on the College of Graduate Studies website.

University commencement is held twice per year: Spring and Fall. Summer graduates are invited to participate in either the Fall or Spring commencement however, Summer graduates will be included in the Fall commencement program.