M.S. in Industrial Engineering


Applicants must hold a B.S. in mechanical or industrial engineering, or a closely related field, from an accredited engineering program. If the baccalaureate is in a non-engineering or science area, students may be required to complete prerequisite courses without graduate degree credit. For transfer credit, students should refer to the general policies of the College of Graduate Studies.

Application requirements: 

  • Degree: Applicants must hold a four-year bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university 

  • GPA: Applicants must have at least a 3.0/4.0 grade point average from previous undergraduate coursework or a 3.3/4.0 for previous graduate coursework 

  • Application: UToledo application required 

  • GRE:  Not required 

  • Transcripts: Required 

  • Statement of Purpose: Required 

  • Letters of Recommendation:  2 minimum; 3 preferred

  • Proof of English language proficiency: Required for students from non-English speaking countries. See University graduate admissions for minimum test score requirements and exceptions. 

Application priority deadlines for admissions and funding decisions: 

  • Fall:  March 15 

  • Spring: October 1 

  • Summer:  Contact department


The Master of Science degree program may be pursued with thesis, project and non-thesis options. Degree requirements for thesis, project, and coursework-only capstone options are provided in the table below. The department may specify additional credit or non-credit requirements for satisfactory completion as well as enhancement of degree objectives. The plan of study for the Master of Science degree must be filed before 16 hour of academic coursework has been completed. For full-time students, this normally will required that the plan of study be filed before registration for the second term.

A minimum of 12 cr hr of required or elective coursework must be at the 6000-level. A student may be required to complete more than the required minimum hours to satisfy prerequisite deficiencies specified as provisional admission conditions and/or to fulfill educational requirements for the program as specified by the advisor or department.

Mathematics core3
MIME 6000Advanced Engineering Mathematics I3
or other graduate level math course with prior advisor approval
Focus area core (2 courses)6
MIME 5060Manufacturing Engineering3
MIME 6720Design of Experiments3
Elective coursework - cr hr requirement depends on capstone option12-21
MIME 5060Manufacturing Engineering3
MIME 5070Computer-Aided Manufacturing3
MIME 5080Operations Research I3
MIME 5100Manufacturing Systems Simulation3
MIME 5230Dynamics Of Human Movement3
MIME 5280Cad - Finite Element Methods3
MIME 5300Advanced Mechanics Of Materials3
MIME 5350Advanced Ceramics3
MIME 5410Alternative Energy3
MIME 5690Reliability3
MIME 5800Design For Manufacturability3
MIME 5820Sustainability Analysis and Design3
MIME 5830Additive Manufacturing3
MIME 6650Advanced Material Science and Engineering 3
MIME 6720Design of Experiments3
MIME 6800Advanced Manufacturing Systems Engineering3
MIME 6810Assembly And Joining Processes3
MIME 6910Engineering Analysis of Smart Material Systems3
or other graduate level engineering course with prior advisor approval
Capstone option21
MS thesis
MIME 6960Graduate Research and Thesis9
Elective coursework12
MIME 6930Graduate Seminar (every semester)0
MS Project
MIME 6920Special Projects6
Elective coursework15
MIME 6930Graduate Seminar (every semester)0
Coursework only
Elective coursework21
MIME 6930Graduate Seminar (every semester)0


  • PLO 1) Demonstrate technical proficiency in their focus area topics
  • PLO 2) Apply advanced engineering mathematics and/or statistical principles to solve engineering problems in one of the IE specialty areas
  • PLO 3) Demonstrate ability to conduct a literature review
  • PLO 4) Explain course projects in one of the IE specialty areas clearly and concisely in written and oral formats
  • PLO 5) Thesis or project option: explain their research clearly and concisely in written and oral formats
  • PLO 6) Thesis or project option: generate high quality engineering research