Graduate Programs

The College of Medicine & Life Sciences at the University of Toledo offers several graduate-level degree and certificate programs. PhD and MS degrees in biomedical sciences and academic certificates are offered in several basic science and clinical tracks.

Admission to Graduate Programs

Admission requirements for College of Graduate Studies are discussed in the general College of Graduate Studies section of the University of Toledo Catalog; other admission procedures are described under the individual graduate programs. Admission to graduate study in the College of Medicine & Life Sciences is open to graduates of accredited colleges and universities meeting the minimum admission requirements of the College of Graduate Studies as well as specific admission requirements of the department and/or program. Previously admitted students wishing to transfer to a different program must apply for admission to the new program. Admission to one graduate program does not guarantee admission to another graduate program. Please refer to the degree or program descriptions for specific information.

Administration of Programs

All graduate programs in the College of Medicine & Life Sciences are administered jointly by the College of Medicine & Life Sciences and the College of Graduate Studies of the University of Toledo. Students may contact specific departments or programs, the college’s graduate advisor, or the College of Graduate Studies for further information on programs or admission requirements. Student should be aware that course names/credit hours may be revised over the course of the program per the department or program requirements. Please consult with your department or program regarding course/credit hour changes.  


Students must meet with their faculty advisor for the purpose of developing a Plan of Study. It is the student’s responsibility to meet all requirements for the degree as specified by the graduate program, the department, the College of Graduate Studies and the University of Toledo. Students are encouraged to complete the Plan of Study no later than the first academic year and submit the completed, signed form to the College of Graduate Studies.

Academic Standards

In addition to the general academic standards outlined in the general section of the College of Graduate Studies Catalog, for the following programs, a maximum number of credits of C will be allowed on a candidate’s Plan of Study as listed below:

  • 10 credits PhD degree (biomedical sciences - all tracks)
  • 8 credits MSBS research tracks (including CAB, MOME, MMIM, NND, and BIPG); and MSN degree
  • 11 credits Physician Assistant Program (PA)
  • 12 credits MSBS clinical track programs including MS Medical Sciences (unless stated otherwise)
  • 3 credits Certificate programs

In addition, students in all graduate programs at UT must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 to graduate.