Graduate Entry Master of Science in Nursing

NURS 5000Population Focused Nursing4
NURS 5001Health Assessment and Technical Competencies I5
NURS 5002Physiology and Pathophysiology I3
NURS 5003Professional Socialization3
NURS 5004Nursing Care of Adults in Health and Illness5
NURS 5005Health Assessment and Technical Competencies II3
NURS 5006Physiology and Pathophysiology II3
NURS 5007Pharmacology for the Graduate Entry Nurse3
NURS 5008Healthcare for Women and Children5
NURS 5009 Mental Health and Therapeutic Communications3
INDI 6000Introduction to Biostatistical Methods3
NURS 5910Advanced Research for Evidence Based Nursing Practice3
NURS 6001Nursing Care of Adults with Complex Health Problems5
NURS 6002Quality and Informatics in Healthcare3
NURS 5530Public Policy and Health Care3
NURS 6003Experiencing Nursing Systems Practicum7
NURS 6004Professional Nurse Competency2
Select one of the following:
NURS 6990Thesis Research3
NURS 5980Comprehensive Exam in Nursing3
NURS 5220Field Experience Seminar3
Plan of Study Grid
First TermHours
NURS 5000 Population Focused Nursing 4
NURS 5001 Health Assessment and Technical Competencies I 5
NURS 5002 Physiology and Pathophysiology I 3
NURS 5003 Professional Socialization 3
Second Term
NURS 5004 Nursing Care of Adults in Health and Illness 5
NURS 5005 Health Assessment and Technical Competencies II 3
NURS 5006 Physiology and Pathophysiology II 3
NURS 5007 Pharmacology for the Graduate Entry Nurse 3
Third Term
NURS 5008 Healthcare for Women and Children 5
NURS 5009 Mental Health and Therapeutic Communications 3
INDI 6000 Introduction to Biostatistical Methods 3
Fourth Term
NURS 5910 Advanced Research for Evidence Based Nursing Practice 3
NURS 6001 Nursing Care of Adults with Complex Health Problems 5
NURS 6002 Quality and Informatics in Healthcare 3
NURS 5530 Public Policy and Health Care 3
Fifth Term
NURS 6003 Experiencing Nursing Systems Practicum 7
NURS 6004 Professional Nurse Competency 2
NURS 5220
Field Experience Seminar
or Thesis Research
or Comprehensive Exam in Nursing
 Total Hours66
  • PLO 1. Synthesize theories, concepts, and research in nursing, bio-psychosocial sciences, and humanities as the basis for evidence based practice;\\n
  • PLO 2. Integrate nursing knowledge and skills in designing and implementing care to individuals and populations with diverse life experiences, perspectives and backgrounds;\\n
  • PLO 3. Engage in scholarly inquiry to advance the profession of nursing and healthcare; \\n
  • PLO 4. Engage in leadership strategies that contribute to the improvement of health care delivery and influence health care policy; and \\n
  • PLO 5. Design strategies to promote lifelong learning to incorporate professional nursing standards and accountability for practice.