MSN: Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

NURS 5910Advanced Research for Evidence Based Nursing Practice3
NURS 6150Contemporary Practice3
NURS 5530Public Policy and Health Care3
NURS 5500Family and Cultural Diversity Theories3
INDI 6000Introduction to Biostatistical Methods3
NURS 5730Advanced Pediatric Health Assessment3
NURS 5690Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics3
NURS 5710Advanced Pediatric Pharmacotherapeutics 1
NURS 5680Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology3
NURS 5720Advanced Pediatric Physiology and Pathophysiology1
NURS 5810Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Clinical I: Care of Children and Concepts of Wellness7
NURS 5820PNP Clin II: Acute/Chronic6
NURS 5830Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Clinical III: Complex, Chronic Illnesses or Disabilities7
Select from one of the following:3
Field Experience Seminar
Thesis Research
Comprehensive Exam in Nursing
NURS 6650Transition to Practice1
NURS 6750Diagnostic Reasoning1
Total Hours51


Sample Full-time Plan of Study

Plan of Study Grid
First TermHours
NURS 5680 Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology 3
NURS 5720 Advanced Pediatric Physiology and Pathophysiology 1
INDI 6000 Introduction to Biostatistical Methods 3
Second Term
NURS 5910 Advanced Research for Evidence Based Nursing Practice 3
NURS 5530 Public Policy and Health Care 3
Third Term
NURS 5500 Family and Cultural Diversity Theories 3
NURS 5690 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics 3
Fourth Term
NURS 5710 Advanced Pediatric Pharmacotherapeutics 1
NURS 5730 Advanced Pediatric Health Assessment 3
NURS 6150 Contemporary Practice 3
NURS 6750 Diagnostic Reasoning 1
Fifth Term
NURS 5810 Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Clinical I: Care of Children and Concepts of Wellness 7
Sixth Term
NURS 5820 PNP Clin II: Acute/Chronic 6
Seventh Term
NURS 5830 Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Clinical III: Complex, Chronic Illnesses or Disabilities 7
NURS 6650 Transition to Practice 1
NURS 5220 Field Experience Seminar 3
 Total Hours51
  • PLO 1. Demonstrate initiative and self-direction in professional development.\\n
  • PLO 2. Integrate nursing knowledge and skills in designing and implementing care to individuals and diverse populations based on Orem's Self-Care Deficit of Nursing Theory;\\n
  • PLO 3. Engage in scholarly inquiry to advance the profession of nursing;\\n
  • PLO 4. Engage in leadership strategies that contribute to the improvement of health care delivery and influence health care policy\\n
  • PLO 5. Synthesize theories, concepts, and research in nursing, bio-psychosocial sciences and humanities as the basis for practice