M.A. in English with a concentration in Literature

The M.A. degree with a Concentration in Literature requires 33 hours of course work. Graduate students who are accepted into the program as teaching assistants are further required to take ENGL 6010, an additional three-hour course, for a total of 36 hours.

All students working toward the Master of Arts with a concentration in literature must satisfy the following requirements:

The course work shall include:

One of the following two courses:3
History Of Literary Criticism
Contemporary Literary Theories And Criticism
At least four literature seminars (seminars carry a 6000 level number),12
ENGL 5790Approaches To Research In English3
At least one course on poetry and poetics,3
At least one course on prose,3
At least two courses covering pre-1915 material,6
At leat two courses covering post-1915 material,6

Of the remaining hours of course work for the degree, students may take a maximum of two courses from other departments in the humanities, fine arts, or social sciences, as approved by the director of graduate studies.  Students may count one independent study course toward the degree.

Candidates must submit a satisfactory MA Portfolio, details of which can be found on the department website:   http://www.utoledo.edu/al/english/programs/ma-literature/