Environmental Economics Certificate

Environmental Economics Certificate, 9 credits (3 courses):

Select two of the following (if all 3 taken then 3rd counts as one of the electives below):6
Environmental Economics
Natural Resource Economics - WAC
Select one of the following:3
Energy Economics
The Economics of Climate Change
Applied Environmental Economics
Total Hours9
  • PLO 1: Identification abilities. Students will identify and describe environmental economic phenomena using economic terms and concepts from the provided information and data.
  • PLO 2: Analytic and quantitative abilities. Students will analyze environmental economic models using graphical and quantitative tools.
  • PLO 3: Application abilities. Students will apply economic theory to a range of environmental economic problems.
  • PLO 4: Communication skills. Students written work and/or oral presentations will demonstrate the ability to interpret and summarize ideas effectively in terms of content, clarity, syntax, and organization of information, particularly for environmental economic issues.