Minor in Law and Social Thought

Core Requirements
LST 2010Law And Social Thought3
Select five electives cross-listed or taught for the Law and Social Thought program: 115
Path 1: Law, History, and Theory
Path 2: Law, Difference, and Social Practices
Path 3: Law, Institutions, and Public Policy
Path 4: Comparative Law
Total Hours18

At least one elective must be a law and social thought upper division seminar (LST 4900) compatible with the chosen path.

  • PLO 1. Students will interpret current law related issues in the context of broad cultural, historical, and intellectual traditions.
  • PLO 2. Students will critically assess the assumptions and traditions that guide distinct interpretations of the law and of legal institutions and understandings of justice and fairness.
  • PLO 3. Students will demonstrate awareness of and ability to evaluate social effects of legal decisions, legal institutions, and the deployment of force by legal authorities.
  • PLO 4. Students will demonstrate knowledge of and evaluate the status of cultural and economic differences vis-a-vis the law.
  • PLO 5. Students will demonstrate awareness of the legal status and meaning of class, race, sexuality, gender and disability.