Jazz Minor

Admission to the minor program requires the following:

  1. approval of the Department of Music; and
  2. an approved placement audition level on an acceptable instrument or voice (interview for music business and recording arts minor).

Students electing to pursue a minor in music choose one of the seven minors outlined below. It is the student’s responsibility, in consultation with the student’s major Advisor and the music Advisor, to see that the necessary course work is included in the total number of undergraduate courses taken. Students outside the College of Arts and Letters should ensure that the minor in music is an approved program within their college. Candidates for the minor in music must have their course work verified and approved by the Advisor for the Department of Music prior to making formal application for graduation. This can be done by presenting a transcript to the music Advisor and completing the verification form for the minor in music.

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all course work completed in the minor.

Total of 22 Hours

MUS 1000Performance Laboratory (2 semesters)0
MUS 1010Concert Attendance (3 semesters)0
Select one of the following: 11
Piano Class For Music Majors I
Jazz Piano Class
Piano Class For Music Majors III
Piano Class For Music Majors IV
MUS 1700Jazz Fundamentals2
MUS 2700Jazz Improvisation I2
MUS 2710Jazz Improvisation II2
MUS 1800Applied Music (Applied Jazz Music) 28
or MUS 2800 Applied Music
Select 4 hours of one of the following:4
Jazz Ensemble (4 semesters)
Jazz Vocalstra
Chamber Music Ensembles (MUS 3050:136)
Chamber Music Ensembles (MUS 3050:137)
MUS 3450Jazz History And Literature3
Total Hours22

Placement test required. Grade of C or better is required.


At least 6 hours must be in the same instrument or voice.