B.A. in Sociology

The undergraduate major of 33 hours must include the following:

SOC 2000Proseminar In Sociology I1
SOC 3270Social Research Methods3
SOC 3290Social Statistics3
SOC 4000Proseminar In Sociology II2
SOC 4040Classical Theory3
Elective Courses
Select 21 hours 121
Related Hours
Select 18 related hours 2
Total Hours33

21 additional elective hours of sociology courses, at least 15 of which must be at the 3000 or 4000 level. Students should discuss their personal and professional interests with the undergraduate adviser before selecting elective courses to complete the major.


The requirement of 18 related hours is met with electives taken from at least four of the following disciplines: Africana Studies, Anthropology, Communications, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies. Fifteen of these hours must be taken at the 3000 or 4000 level. Students may not take P/NC in major or related courses.

Below is a sample plan of study. Consult your degree audit for your program requirements.

Plan of Study Grid
First TermHours
AR 1000 First Year Orientation 1
SOC 1010 Introduction To Sociology (Social Sciences Core) 3
ENGL 1110 College Composition I 3
Elementary Foreign Language I 4
MATH 1180 Reasoning With Mathematics 3
HIST 1010
Europe To 1600 (Arts/Humanities Core)
or Main Themes In American History
Second Term
SOC 2000 Proseminar In Sociology I 1
SOC Major Elective 3
Elementary Foreign Language II 4
Natural Sciences Core 3
Natural Sciences Core (Lab) 1
ENGL 1130 College Composition II: Academic Disciplines And Discourse 3
Third Term
SOC Major Elective 3
Intermediate Foreign Language I or approved culture course 3
ENGL 2710
Reading Fiction
or Writing About Literature
Arts/Humanities Core (Fine Art) 3
Natural Sciences Core 3
Fourth Term
SOC Major Elective 3
SOC Major Elective 3
Intermediate Foreign Language II or approved culture course 3
Social Sciences Core 3
Non-US Diversity 3
Fifth Term
SOC 3290 Social Statistics 3
SOC 4040 Classical Theory 3
Related or Minor course (WAC) 3
Elective 3000-4000 level 5
Sixth Term
SOC 3270 Social Research Methods 3
SOC 3000-SOC 4000Major Elective (WAC) 3
Related or Minor course 3000-4000 level 3
Elective 3000-4000 level 3
Diversity of US 3
Seventh Term
SOC Major Elective 3000-4000 level 3
SOC Major Elective 3000-4000 level 3
Related or Minor course 3000-4000 level 3
Elective 3000-4000 level 6
Eighth Term
SOC 4000 Proseminar In Sociology II 2
Related or Minor course 3000-4000 level 6
Elective 3000-4000 level 6
 Total Hours120
  • PLO 1: Critical Thinking: Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills.\\n
  • PLO 2: Sociological Knowledge: Students will discuss, analyze and apply key concepts in sociology; express, defend, support and/or evaluate sociological ideas clearly and coherently.\\n
  • PLO 3: Communication: Students will demonstrate information literacy and communication skills.\\n
  • PLO 4: Theoretical Knowledge: Students will apply, critique, debate, and share opinions on multiple theoretical perspectives.\\n
  • PLO 5: Methodological Knowledge: Students will describe and employ various methodologies used to collect, analyze, and interpret empirical evidence in sociological research. They also will be able to appraise the rigor of other scholars' methods and design their own research projects.\\n
  • PLO 6: Statistical Knowledge: Students will be able to make inferences and predictions, and interpret findings.\\n
  • PLO 7: Personal and Social Responsibility: Students will demonstrate an understanding of personal and social responsibility and apply it to solving various social problems.