Academic Policies

Refer to The University of Toledo Policy website for academic policies that apply to all students.

The College of Health and Human Services adheres to all UToledo policies and procedures. Please refer to the General Section of this catalog for academic policies governing all students enrolled at the University. In any case where University, college, departmental and/or program policies conflict, the most stringent policy applies. Students should consult with their program for a complete list of all policies and procedures specifically related to their program.

Academic Grievance

Students have the responsibility and right to call to the attention of a professor any course grade believed to be in error. The college grievance procedure must be initiated within 60 days of the posting of the final grade. Academic grievances must follow the procedure described below:

  • The student meets with the professor to attempt to resolve the problem.
  • If meeting with the professor does not resolve the problem, the student must discuss the problem with the department chair of the faculty member who issued the grade. The chair attempts to resolve the problem, but may not unilaterally change the grade.
  • If meeting with the chair does not resolve the issue, the student will forward the appeal to the associate dean of the College of Health and Human Services.
  • The college's Petition for Academic Grievance should be used for this purpose. The student must state the reasons for the appeal and the desired outcome. The student must meet with the associate dean to review and discuss the problem. The associate dean will attempt to resolve the problem by meeting with the appropriate faculty member, but may not unilaterally change the grade.
  • If the student wishes to continue the appeal, he/she must forward the appropriate information relative to the problem to the Student Grievance Council. Information on this process may be found on the Academic Grievance website. Note: If the grievance occurs during the fall or summer semester, a grievance petition must be filed with the chair of the Student Grievance Council no later than the last day of classes in the next semester. If the grievance occurs during the spring semester, the grievance petition must be filed with the chair of the Student Grievance Council no later than the last day of classes in the final summer session.

Academic Honesty

Refer to the UToledo Policy website for further information on Academic Honesty.

Academic Probation & Suspension

Students with a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 are automatically placed on probation until a cumulative GPA of 2.0 is achieved. While on probation, it is recommended that students not enroll for more than 15 credit hours. Students on probation must see an academic advisor.

Academic suspension means the student is prohibited from registering at UToledo for a period of at least one semester. A student is subject to academic suspension if that person falls below the minimum GPA listed in the Academic Standing policy or fails to make sufficient progress toward attainment of the degree by accumulating excess W grades. Students may remove Incompletes while under suspension. Refer to the college's Office of Student Services site for additional information on academic suspension.


Dismissed students are not eligible for readmission to the College of Health and Human Services. A student may be dismissed for:

  • Failing to meet the conditions of readmission after suspension from the College of Health and Human Services.
  • Demonstrating patterns of behavior that are inappropriate for students preparing for professional roles or for failing to meet the morals standard as defined by the State of Ohio.

Regulations for probation, suspension and dismissal apply to both full-time and part-time students. In all matters, the decision of the Dean is final.

GPA Recalculation for Repeated Courses

Student who have retaken a course and earned a higher grade may petition to have the first grade excluded from grade point average. Credit will only be awarded once for repeated courses. If a grade has been deleted that grade will not be used in determining the UToledo grade point average. No more than a total of 18 semester hours of course work will be deleted. Students who have had their GPAs recomputed under the Academic Forgiveness Policy are not eligible for grade deletions. Specific programs within the college may have more rigorous requirements for grade deletions of major or related courses.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible to complete the following:

  • All first-year students must see an advisor each semester; all College of Health and Human Services students are strongly encouraged to see an academic advisor at least once a year.
  • Readmit students are responsible for degree requirements in effect at the time of readmission.
  • Students are responsible for fulfilling all degree requirements.
  • Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors as needed for assistance.
  • Students must contact the Office of Student Services to schedule an advising appointment.

Withdrawal Policy (W Grades)

The number of credit hours of W is limited to 22 hours for all undergraduate students in degree programs in the College of Health and Human Services. Once a student has accumulated 22 hours of W, further withdrawals will be counted as F’s in computation of the student’s GPA for the purposes of probation or suspension. In addition, students risk the loss of financial aid if they accumulate excessive hours of W.