Concurrent Enrollment Program

The University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University jointly sponsor this program, which allows graduate students at one institution to enroll and receive credit for classes offered at the other institution. The concurrent program provides graduate students the unique opportunity to enhance their academic experience by taking advantage of resources provided by the two institutions. Credit and grades earned count as resident credit at the home institution.

Students at these institutions must be admitted under the concurrent student status, and the approval of the graduate dean of the student’s home institution is required before a student receives credit and a grade for the class in which he/she has enrolled. In addition, graduate students from The University of Toledo who enroll at Bowling Green State University are required to complete a minimum of 51 percent of their courses in their degree programs on campuses of The University of Toledo. Part-time graduate students pay the instructional, general, and if applicable, the nonresident fees at the host institution on a per-hour basis. Full-time graduate students who have paid full-time instructional, general and nonresident fees at their home institution, or who are graduate assistants or teaching fellows at their home university, generally will not have additional charges associated with their concurrent registration; however special service fees and facilities fees apply.