Graduate Certificate in Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Certificate in Biostatistics and Epidemiology students take the following courses.

PUBH 6000/8000Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis in Public Health3
PUBH 6010/8010Public Health Epidemiology3
PUBH 6030/8030Advanced Epidemiology3
PUBH 6060/8060Advanced Biostatistics3
PUBH 6110/8110Categorical Data Analysis3
Total Hours15
  • PLO 1. Define and calculate measures of disease frequency and measures of association between risk factors and disease.
  • PLO 2. Describe the major epidemiologic research study designs and their advantages and limitations.
  • PLO 3. Describe the major sources of bias in epidemiologic research (confounding, selection bias, and measurement error) and the ways to evaluate and reduce bias.
  • PLO 4. Apply criteria to support whether an association is causal.
  • PLO 5. Interpret the results of an epidemiologic study, including the relation to findings from other epidemiologic studies, potential biologic and/or social mechanisms, the limitations of the study, and any public health implications.
  • PLO 6. Describe basic biostatistical methods and perform basic statistical analyses.