Master of Public Health: Generalist

The MPH Program accepts students for Fall and Spring semesters. Applicants must apply through SOPHAS as well as complete a UToledo Student Conduct Form and pay a UToledo Graduate Application Fee to the University of Toledo. All required documentation must be submitted to SOPHAS electronically.


  • Degree
    • An earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
    • Regular admission: GPA > 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) required
    • Provisional admission may be offered for applicants with 2.7 < GPA < 3.0
  • Foundation Courses (required undergraduate courses)
    • All students must have completed courses in college-level mathematics and social sciences
  • Official Transcripts
    • Official transcripts from all institutions where any undergraduate or other courses, including any graduate degrees, must be sent directly to SOPHAS
    • Transcripts from international institutions MUST be translated into English and evaluated onto a 4.0 scale using WES (World Education Services)
  • English Language Proficiency
    • An English proficiency score from either TOEFL (80 or higher) or IELTS (6.5 or higher) must be submitted
    • No other English proficiency scores are accepted by the program
  • Resume
    • A current resume must be uploaded
  • Statement of Purpose
    • A Statement of Purpose indicating why the applicant wants to pursue the MPH program must be uploaded
    • Applicants may also use this statement to explain any discrepancies in their academic record
  • Letters of Recommendation
    • A minimum of three letters are required, which can be requested within the SOPHAS application
    • Two of these letters MUST be from someone having a graduate degree
    • The credential of the writer must be included in the recommendation letter

All MPH students are required to take the following 8 (24 credit hours) core courses. 

PUBH 6000Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis in Public Health3
PUBH 6010Public Health Epidemiology3
PUBH 6020Management and Leadership in Public Health3
PUBH 6050Concepts and Issues in Environmental Health (Concepts and Issues in Environmental Health)3
PUBH 6080Social Determinants of Health3
PUBH 6090Issues in Public Health3
PUBH 6950Integrative Learning Experience2
One of the Following is Required:4
Internship in Public Health
Project in Public Health
Total Hours24

All GENL majors are required to take the following 5 (15 credit hours) major specific courses. In addition, all GENL majors are required to take 2 (6 total credit hours) advised electives.

PUBH 5020Occupational Health3
PUBH 6030Advanced Epidemiology3
PUBH 6060Advanced Biostatistics3
PUBH 6800Evaluation Of Health Programs3
PUBH 6310Public Health Assessment and Planning3
Total Hours15
  • PLO 1. Differentiate the major epidemiologic research study designs based on their strengths and limitations;
  • PLO 2. Design a statistical plan for the analysis of health-related big data;
  • PLO 3. Apply theories and/or models to the assessment process;
  • PLO 4. Research the causes of health problems and assess policy interventions to address them in order to propose next steps in research, interventions, and policy; and
  • PLO 5. Apply program evaluation knowledge and skills.