Graduate Certificate in Pathology Fellowship

Students from LCME accredited medical schools who have completed their second or third year and are in good academic standing are eligible to apply for this program. While the American Board of Pathology gives up to 1 year credit toward certification for time spent as a Fellow, the Fellowship is not limited to those planning to make pathology a career.

  • Successful completion of a second year or third year medical school curriculum from an LCME accredited medical school with grades equivalent to a GPA ≥ 3.0.
  • GRE exam not required
PATH 6060Surgical Clinical Rotation7
PATH 6070Intro Clinical Lab Medicine3
PATH 6080Postmortem Clinical Rotation6
PATH 6890Independent Study in Pathology1
INDI 6980Scholarly Project for Medical Sciences3
Total Hours20
Plan of Study Grid
First TermHours
PATH 6060 Surgical Clinical Rotation 3
PATH 6070 Intro Clinical Lab Medicine 3
PATH 6080 Postmortem Clinical Rotation 2
Second Term
PATH 6060 Surgical Clinical Rotation 2
PATH 6080 Postmortem Clinical Rotation 2
INDI 6980 Scholarly Project for Medical Sciences 2
Third Term
PATH 6060 Surgical Clinical Rotation 2
PATH 6080 Postmortem Clinical Rotation 2
PATH 6890 Independent Study in Pathology 2
 Total Hours20
  • PLO 1. To perform a complete autopsy including gross and microscopic examination as well as clinical pathology correlation.\\n
  • PLO 2. To perform gross and microscopic assessment of surgical pathology specimens including the interpretation of frozen and permanent sections.\\n
  • PLO 3. To interpret clinical laboratory tests and provide correlations with patient's clinical condition.\\n
  • PLO 4. Scholarly project. Develop a researchable question, use appropriate research strategies and techniques to generate a scholarly response to the question and the finds of the project will be presented at the departments annual scientific day.