B.A. in Data Analytics

DANN 2000Proseminar in Data Analytics I1
DANN 4000Proseminar in Data Analytics II2
Choose one of the following:3
Statistical Methods
Social Statistics
Quantitative Methods in Geographic Research
Choose one of the following:3
Research Methods In Psychology
Research and Writing in Political Science
Social Research Methods
Following six course are required
ECON 2810Introduction to Econometrics3
ECON 3810Applied Econometrics3
GEPL 4110Geographic Information Systems3
CSET 1100Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering Technology4
CSET 3300Database-Driven Web Sites4
ART 2800Visual Literacy-Data Visualization3
Choose one of the following3
Public Opinion
Science and Pseudoscience
Choose one of the following3
Computers And Culture
Data Science Ethics

This major calls for specific courses to be taken to fulfill the 18 credit related category. Within that category for DAAN majors, an area of concentration is required in one of the following subjects: Economics, Geography and Planning, Political Science and Public Administration, Psychology, Sociology or Anthropology.  Alternatively, this requirement can also be satisfied through earning a minor in an approved social science. Consult with the program advisor when selecting courses to fulfill this requirement.

Plan of Study Grid
First TermHours
AR 1000 First Year Orientation 1
MATH 1180 Reasoning With Mathematics 3
ENGL 1110 College Composition I 3
CSET 1100 Introduction to Computer Science and Engineering Technology 4
Arts/Humanities Core 3
Social Sciences Core 3
Second Term
ENGL 1130 College Composition II: Academic Disciplines And Discourse 3
DANN 2000 Proseminar in Data Analytics I 1
Natural Sciences Core 3
Social Sciences Core 3
Diversity of US 3
Social Sciences Core (History) 3
Third Term
PSY 2100 Statistical Methods 3
ART 2800 Visual Literacy-Data Visualization 3
ENGL 2710 Reading Fiction 3
Elementary Foreign Language I 4
Non‐US Diversity 3
Fourth Term
ECON 2810 Introduction to Econometrics 3
CSET 3300 Database-Driven Web Sites 4
PSY 3110 Research Methods In Psychology 4
Elementary Foreign Language II 4
Fifth Term
GEPL 4110 Geographic Information Systems 3
ECON 3810
Applied Econometrics
PSC 3250 Public Opinion 3
Intermediate Foreign Language I or approved culture course 3
Related Concentration Elective or minor course 3
Sixth Term
PHIL 3160 Data Science Ethics 3
Intermediate Foreign Language II or approved culture course 3
Related Concentration Elective or minor course 6
Arts/Humanities Core (Fine Art) 3
Seventh Term
Related Concentration Elective or minor course 6
Electives 6
Eighth Term
DANN 4000 Proseminar in Data Analytics II 2
Natural Sciences Core & Lab 4
Related Concentration Elective or minor course 3
Electives 5
 Total Hours120
  • PLO 1. Students will learn and apply skills in multivariate statistical analysis to social science data.
  • PLO 2. Students will construct databases and learn to manipulate them with various techniques to use the data to answer their quantitative question of interest.
  • PLO 3. Students will describe and evaluate various social and ethical issues related to the use of data analytics.
  • PLO 4. Students will summarize and assess the importance of social context in analyzing social data.
  • PLO 5. Students will recognize the strengths and limitations of quantitative analysis of social phenomenon.
  • PLO 6. Students will effectively communicate the importance of their data analysis through written work and/or oral presentations.