Minor in General German

GERM 3010Conversation And Composition I3
GERM 3020Conversation And Composition II3
Electives: 12 hours: 6 may be at 2000 level. Including the following:
Intermediate German I
Intermediate German II
Remaining credits are at the German 3000-4000 level. Electives include:
Survey Of German Civilization I
Survey Of German Civilization II
Special Topics in German Studies
German Syntax And Stylistics I
Advanced Conversation And Composition II - WAC
Study Abroad
Study Abroad Electives may include one course taught in English:
Teaching Colloquia
German Literature In Translation
  • PLO 1. German minors are able to initiate, sustain, and bring to closure a variety of communicative tasks including those required in university classes taught entirely in the target language.
  • PLO 2. German minors are able to write compositions that demonstrate mechanical and grammatical correctness and that show a precise and correct use of vocabulary. Their compositions are also well organized, clear, and have some intellectual or artistic interest.
  • PLO 3. German minors are able to communicate clearly and correctly in the target language. Clear communication is based on the accurate use and understanding of correct forms and structures.
  • PLO 4. German minors are familiar with a range of texts and are able both to place them in relevant contexts and to discuss them in the target language using critical concepts.
  • PLO 5. German minors are able to identify a number of texts, artifacts, monuments, terms, names, places, concepts, behavior, dates, and other cultural facts from periods of the target culture’s history, geography, and institutions.