Academic Policies

Refer to the University Undergraduate Academic Policies that apply to all students. In case of conflicting policies, the stricter policies will apply  (

LIST OF UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMIC POLICIES found at the above web address.

3364-71-01 Academic standing
3364-71-02 Enrollment status: full time, part time, and audit
3364-71-03 Class rank
3364-71-04 Academic dishonesty
3364-71-05 Academic grievance
3364-71-05.1 Academic grievance procedure
3364-71-06 Academic forgiveness
3364-71-07 Repeating a course and calculating GPA
3364-71-08 Adding and/or dropping a course
3364-71-09 Dual degrees
3364-71-10 Residency requirement for a degree
3364-71-11 Grades and grading
3364-71-11.1 Grades, quality points and grading procedures
3364-71-12 Priority registration
3364-71-13 Graduation with honors distinction; Dean's list; President's list
3364-71-14 Missed class policy
3364-71-15 Confidentiality of student records (FERPA)
3364-71-16 Administrative adjustment for extenuating circumstances
3364-71-17 Credit for prior learning
3364-71-18 Veteran and service members support and assistance
3364-71-19 Posthumous degree awards
3364-71-20 International baccalaureate diploma
3364-71-21 Diploma replacement
3364-71-22 Semester academic calendar and academic year
3364-71-23 Academic credit hour
3364-71-24 Military veterans benefits management
3364-71-25 Independent study courses
3364-71-26 Internal surveys
3364-71-27 Classroom attendance
3364-71-28 The University of Toledo SROTC housing financial offset incentive policy
3364-71-29 Guidelines on authorship policy 
3364-72-54 Assessment of student learning