Program Requirements

Degree Requirements

The College of Nursing (CON) reserves the right to change any provision, regulation and requirement. Changes will be publicized through appropriate channels. These changes will be binding on the date they are approved by faculty action. Courses taken at other nursing programs may not substitute for professional courses. Only students admitted to the upper division are allowed to take NURS courses.

Residency Requirement

Students transferring from other institutions must earn at least 30 hours of credit at The University of Toledo; at least 30 of these must be in the nursing major. Full-time students must take the last semester, and part-time students the last 12 hours, at UToledo, unless alternative arrangements have been made in advance with the Baccalaureate Program Director of the College of Nursing.

Credit Hours

Students must complete a minimum of 120 hours of course work that includes University core requirements and all required course work in the major. A minimum of 60 hours must be taken at the 2000 to 4000 level, and a minimum of 30 hours must be taken at the 3000 to 4000 level. Students are encouraged to use Degree Audit to review remaining requirements and meet with the nursing advisor before every registration to assess progress toward completion of requirements. If a student completes University core requirements and required courses in the nursing major in less than 120 hours, the student must successfully complete elective courses to meet the total of 120 hours.

Credit Restrictions

Total earned hours shown on a student’s transcript may not all be applicable to the minimum of 120 credits required for a degree. Students with entrance deficiencies or students who choose to take developmental courses will need to complete additional hours. No more than two hours in physical education or recreation courses at the 1000 level will apply toward the degree. Students will not receive credit for repeated courses (taking the same course twice), whether taken at The University of Toledo or elsewhere. The college reserves the right to deny credit for any course.

University Core Curriculum Requirements

Nursing students are required to complete the University core curriculum requirements. The courses include English composition, arts and humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, and multicultural areas. Students are placed into chemistry and mathematics courses by ACT/SAT scores or placement tests in those subjects; consult with the Nursing Advisor for specific details.

Orientation (NURS 1000)

All first-year, direct from high school, pre-nursing students must successfully pass NURS 1000.