Student Responsibilities


Students are responsible for transportation to class and clinical settings. Clinical sites are located throughout Northern Ohio, and Southeastern Michigan. The students are encouraged to talk with others in their assigned clinical group about carpooling.

The university provides bus transportation between Main Campus and Health Science Campus. Students can obtain schedules from the university website or the Parking and Transportation Services.

Criminal Records Check

Students are required to authorize The University of Toledo to obtain criminal record checks (i.e., BCII and FBI) including fingerprinting and are responsible for all associated expenses. Students must declare and document misdemeanor and/or felony offenses that occur prior to admission in the nursing program and/or during program progression. Convictions may result in denial of admission to the program or dismissal after matriculation. Reports must be sent directly to the Undergraduate Program office. Duplicate reports from places of employment or other sources are not acceptable as report results must be current with matriculation.

Clinical Agency Requirements

Students must meet health and safety requirements based on agency, local, state and federal government mandates. Students are responsible for the cost of meeting these obligations. Documentation must be submitted at least six weeks before a semester begins.

Physical Examination

“Fit and free for duty” statements are documented on the College of Nursing health form every year. The physical examination documentation cannot expire during the semester.

Proof of Immunity

All students are required to submit antibody lab reports as proof of immunity for hepatitis B, rubella, rubeola, varicella, and mumps. Immunization does not provide the proof of immunity required by the clinical agencies. The Hepatitis B surface antibody is required 2 months after completing the series of Hepatitis B vaccine. Documentation of tetanus and pertussis immunization within the past ten years is required. Other vaccinations may be required as dictated by CDC guidelines.


A two-step PPD is required before starting nursing courses, followed by an annual PPD. Students with a history of positive PPD must obtain annual healthcare provider documentation of “free of active disease” statement on the College of Nursing Physical and PPD form. Students with active disease must obtain medical intervention and are limited in clinical experiences according to agency policy.

Flu Shot

An influenza vaccine is required annually.


A COVID vaccine is required.


HIPAA, Safety, and Diversity training are required by the College of Nursing before clinical begins, along with an annual review of regulations and updates.
Documentation of completion of American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers is required before clinical starts. Cards cannot expire during the semester.


Students in the College of Nursing are required to maintain healthcare insurance. UToledo students will have the charge for health insurance placed on their account. If the student has health insurance that is equivalent to or exceeds the health insurance offered by the University, an online waiver process may be completed. If the UToledo student does not complete the online waiver process within the specified deadline, the health insurance will remain on the student’s account.

Policy 3364-30-05 Student Health Insurance


Clinical agencies have the right to deny a student access to the facility when requirements are unmet. Students who fail to provide documentation of health, immunization, and BLS by established deadlines may be administratively dismissed for the semester.

Students who experience exposure or injury or an emergency healthcare situation during clinical must follow agency protocol to obtain treatment at the agency if available, but are responsible for any costs incurred. Follow-up with University Student Health Services is required.

Students who experience acute illness or injury must provide the College of Nursing with healthcare provider documentation of release before returning to class and clinical. Students will be evaluated individually for the ability to provide safe patient care and comply with clinical facility regulations. A signed provider’s release must be completed by the health care provider prior to student return to the university for class and clinical and then be submitted to the program director. It is applicable for illness, injury, childbirth, communicable disease, or other conditions that preclude participation in class or clinical experiences. Documentation is to be taken to the Program Director. The College of Nursing is not responsible for any medical costs the student may incur while enrolled as a student.

Academic Advising

Academic advising for new, transfer and continuing students is available on the Main Campus. While ultimate responsibility for educational decisions rests with the student, advisors can assist the student to identify alternatives and potential consequences; help select courses to meet University core and college requirements; and facilitate student evaluation of academic progress.

Transcripts and Degree Audit Reports

A transcript is a chronological list of academic courses that includes all courses attempted and grades earned. The transcript does not indicate how specific courses apply to University and College of Nursing requirements. Developmental courses are not counted toward minimum credits for degrees, but may appear on transcripts. The Degree Audit Reporting System is an automated record that contains all of a student’s graduation requirements and tracks that student’s progress toward meeting those requirements. Degree audits are available to students online through the myUT portal Student Self-Service. Students are encouraged to keep current degree audits for their personal use and to discuss their degree audits with their academic advisors. The Degree Audit in Banner details all requirements applicable to a student’s academic program and identifies requirements remaining when all registered courses are completed. 

Official transcripts for all post high school study must be provided by the student before matriculation into the College of Nursing. Transcripts will be reviewed, with degree and courses accepted for transfer posted to the student’s academic record. Students who do not provide official transcripts cannot register for nursing courses. Official transcripts must be sent directly to The University of Toledo Admission office.

Sequence of Courses

There is a prescribed sequence of courses for each program. Developmental courses may be required on the basis of placement testing and/or high school deficiencies. Students should meet with a nursing advisor to review program requirements to ensure completion in the appropriate sequence and consistent with their plan of study. Student use of Degree Audit to track progress is highly recommended. All requirements must be fulfilled as specified in the catalog for the year in which the student begins nursing courses.

Plan of Study

Students consult with the Nursing Advisor to develop a plan of study for program completion. BSN students follow the required sequence of courses as stated in this catalog. Courses in each semester of the nursing major, for the pre-licensure BSN program, are co-requisite to one another and pre-requisite to the next semester. Therefore, students who may need to make changes to their plans of study are required to meet with the BSN program director and nursing advisor prior to taking any action. RN-BSN student enrollment is on a full-time or part-time basis, with one or more courses each semester. A plan of study is developed in consultation with the Nursing Advisor.  Students are expected to progress according to their plan of study. Plan of study changes must be discussed with the nursing advisor and program director.

GPA Recalculation for Repeated Courses

Students may apply for grade deletion per the University GPA recalculation policy.

Withdraw, Drop and Not Reported Grade Policy

Risk for loss of financial aid may occur with excessive hours of W, DR and NR grades. Students who transfer into the College of Nursing from another college at The University of Toledo retain the number of W, DR and NR grades accumulated in previous work. Failing grades as a result of academic dishonesty will remain in the student academic record and are not eligible for grade recalculation. 


The College of Nursing requires a “C” or better in all coursework.  “C-“ or lower is not acceptable.  Therefore, all pre-requisite, UToledo CORE, and Upper Division courses must be taken for a letter grade.  Pass/No Credit is only an option for “elective” courses that are not a pre-requisite, UToledo CORE or Upper Division NURS course.  Consult your Academic Advisor before choosing this option.

Academic Due Process and Appeal of Final Course Grade

The University of Toledo, College of Nursing upholds the principles of fairness and integrity and equitable application of the course syllabi, College of Nursing policies and procedures for student evaluation and the grading process for the assignment of a final grade.

The CON policy 3364.82-05 for academic due process is found on the University policies website:

Professional Licensure

The University of Toledo (UToledo) programs leading to licensure and/or advanced practice certification/endorsement, whether delivered online or face-to-face, satisfy the academic requirements for those credentials set forth by the State of Ohio.

Requirements for licensure and/or advanced practice certification/endorsement eligibility vary from one profession to another and from state to state. For students who wish to practice in a state other than Ohio, please contact the program director/advisor to discuss if you will need to satisfy additional requirements to practice in that state. National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

Application to be a registered nurse is a separate procedure based on the state of initial licensure. Students are responsible to apply for licensure. A verification of program completion is provided directly to the Ohio Board of Nursing after the university has cleared the student as having met all degree requirements. Students licensing out- of-state will be advised on how to apply for licensure.