MBA Administration - available 100% online

For a MBA Administration, you must complete the MBA core course requirements in addition to the following: 


The MBA Administration concentration/major is designed for students who want the added flexibility of taking courses in a variety of areas. The Administration major is completed by taking three 6000-level M.B.A. electives within the College of Business and Innovation. Students are not permitted to take PUBH courses from the Public Health Management major toward the Administration major. However, students are permitted to complete BLAW 6100 Business, Government and Society, EFSB 6590 New Venture Creation, or EFSB 6690 Technology Commercialization. 

  • PLO 1: Professionalism -- Each student can demonstrate effective oral and written communication, interpersonal collaboration, responsibility, accountability, and professional behavior\\n
  • PLO 2: Leadership -- Each student can practice reflective thinking to assess personal strengths and challenges and can formulate strategies for lifetime development of leadership\\n
  • PLO 3: Ethics and Social Responsibility -- Each student can analyze and resolve ethical issues in decision-making and recognize their impact on the larger community\\n
  • PLO 4: Innovation and Creativity -- Each student can examine problems, opportunities, relationships, and situation from different and unique perspectives and develop creative solutions.\\n
  • PLO 5: Critical Thinking and Analysis -- Each student can think critically to identify problems, research, analyze and make sound inferences from and use effective problem-solving and decision-making techniques\\n
  • PLO 6: Business Acumen -- Each student can identify, interpret, evaluate, and suggest solutions within the legal, global, financial, marketing, and operational dimensions of business\\n
  • PLO 7: Technology -- Each student can understand and utilize current and emerging technology to improve business competitiveness and personal productivity