Department Of Information Systems & Supply Chain Management

BU Information Operations Technology 23-24

Degrees Offered

MBA in Operations and supply chain management

Information, Operations and Technology Management Department offers the MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management. As all MBA programs, it has a large core with three courses specializing in the Operations and Supply Chain Management. The three specialization courses along with the required core course and a pre-requisite course in analysis of manufacturing and service systems gives a good overview and an in-depth coverage on production planning and quality management. This program is ranked by Eduniversal as one of the best 100 programs in the country. Supply chain management research output of the  department faculty was ranked well for supply chain research (SCM Journal List).

MBA in Information Systems - STEMM

Information, Operations and Technology Management Department offers MBA in Information Systems. As all MBA programs, it has a large core with four required elective courses to earn a specialization in Information systems. The recently introduced fundamentals of Information systems course acts as bridge for students who have a different undergraduate specialization. Students with undergraduate specialization in information systems or computer science are waived out of this course. The program gives opportunity to learn ERP with special emphasis on configuration using SAP. Recent addition of courses in big data, data mining and business analytics makes this an attractive major.

MABA (Applied Business Analytics) - STEMM

The goal of this Master of Applied Business Analytics (MABA) program is to address the growing demand for analytical capabilities in solving business problems that are demanded by a variety of employers within the United States. Research results from public and private sectors show that there are substantially fewer experts in the field of business analytics than there are opportunities for them. 

This program prepares students not only to be able to analyze and interpret data, but also to translate this into effective decision-making for complex business problems. The program is a unique combination of one functional area of business and a breadth of courses in business analytics capped by an internship at your place of work or in another organization. Another option is to cap the program with a 6-credit hour Master's thesis in the Neff College of Business and Innovation.

The Master of Applied Business Analytics degree is granted to students who satisfactorily complete a minimum of 30 semester hours at the 6000- level in the College of Business and Innovation meeting the program requirements. In addition, most non-business students and even some business students may need up to 12 credit hours of 5000-level pre-requisites.

Ph.D. Manufacturing and Technology Management - STEMM

The basic philosophy underlying the doctoral program is that researchers in manufacturing and technology management require a careful and creative mix of functional management specialties, economics, technology, supply chain management, manufacturing, commercialization, and information technologies. Regardless of track, students must become experts in applying analytical tools such as statistics, optimization and research methodology. Therefore, the program is designed to provide students with abilities and skills to integrate and synthesize these diverse yet important related areas. 

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics - STEMM

Graduate Certificate in Information Systems ERP/SAP - STEMM

Graduate Certificate in Operations and Supply Chain Management

BUAD 6600Supply Chain Management (MBA Core Course)3
BUAD 6800Information Technology And E-Business (MBA Core Course)3
OSCM 5510Business Statistics With Computer Applications (Common Body of Knowledge)3
OSCM 5520Analysis of Manufacturing and Service Systems (Common Body of Knowledge) Prerequisite OSCM 55103
OSCM 6250Essentials of Business Analytics3
OSCM 6270Simulation and Waiting Lines3
OSCM 6350Prescriptive Analytics3
OSCM 6550Business Analytics and Cases3
OSCM 6680Quality Management and Six Sigma3
OSCM 6690Supply Chain Resources Management3
OSCM 6780ERP Systems Process Management3
OSCM 6950Capstone Project3
OSCM 6960Masters Thesis1-6
OSCM 6980Special Topics in Operations and Supply Chain Management3
OSCM 7520Analysis of Manufacturing and Service Systems3
OSCM 8270Simulation and Waiting Lines3
OSCM 8680Quality Management and Six Sigma3
OSCM 8690Supply Chain Resources Management3
INFS 6050Information Systems Fundamentals3
INFS 6150Business Intelligence Management3
INFS 6450Data Mining3
INFS 6460Management Information Systems3
INFS 6560Business Systems Analysis and Design3
INFS 6610Information Integration and Data Management3
INFS 6710Management of Information Systems Security3
INFS 6750Research In Information Systems, Operations Management Or Decision Sciences1-3
INFS 6780ERP Systems Process Management3
INFS 6790ERP Systems Configuration and Integration3
INFS 6810Network Communications3
INFS 6930Contemporary Topics Seminar3
INFS 8150Business Intelligence Management3
INFS 8460Management Information Systems3
INFS 8480Information Systems Issues In Manufacturing4
INFS 8560Systems Analysis and Design3
INFS 8710Management of Information Systems Security3
INFS 8760IS Research Seminar I3
INFS 8770IS Research Seminar II3
INFS 8930Contemporary Topics Seminar-Outsourcing3
INFS 8990Integrative Seminar in IT3
MFGM 8480Management of Technology3
MFGM 8490Supply Chain and E-Business Issues in Manufacturing3
MFGM 8510Supply Chain and Technology Management Analytics3
MFGM 8630Management Science3
MFGM 8640Advanced Management Science3
MFGM 8650Stochastic Modeling3
MFGM 8660Qualitative Research Methodology3
MFGM 8670Special Topics in Research Methods3
MFGM 8810Seminar/Colloqkuia1
MFGM 8840Manufacturing Strategy4
MFGM 8850Readings And Research In Manufacturing Management1-12
MFGM 8860Advanced Statistics3
MFGM 8870Seminar in Statistics/ Research Method3
MFGM 8880Research Methods-Theory Bldg3
MFGM 8890Advanced Manufacturing Systems3
MFGM 8900Field Research1-8
MFGM 8960Dissertation1-8
MFGM 8980Special Topics Seminar3