Department of Management

BU Management 23-24

Degrees Offered

The length of the program will vary depending upon the nature of the undergraduate degree and the major selected. The program consists of a common body of knowledge (18 hours), core (24 hours) and elective (9 - 12 hours) courses. Any or all common body of knowledge courses may be waived for equivalent coverage at the undergraduate or graduate level with a grade of C or better. Any course subs for the core cannot also be utilized to meet major (elective) requirements.

We offer courses and experiences focused on action-oriented opportunities to help graduate students understand the field of management. This approach gives students a strong foundational knowledge that could be applied immediately after graduation.

MBA in Human Resource Management - Available 100% Online

The Human Resource Management major is designed both for students who intend to seek or continue managerial careers in human resources, and for those who are seeking more general leadership positions, but need to understand approaches to attracting, retaining, compensating, motivating and managing employees in contemporary organizations. This program is built around the view that human resource specialists must also have good business acumen to manage an organization’s most valuable assets: Its employees.

Our program provides students a strong foundation in this field. The program teaches students about a wide variety of HR issues.

This concentration is designed to prepare candidates to assume positions as human resource practitioners in domestic and international business organizations, hospitals, nonprofits organizations, and local, state and federal government agencies.

MBA in Leadership - Available 100% Online

The Leadership major provides students with the background necessary to motivate and inspire employees to work towards a common goal, plan for the future and focus on organizational goals, evaluate and counsel individual and group performance, manage and resolve conflicts, and improve oral and written communication. A leadership career involves taking your organization into a better direction, or to surpass previous limits by building and working in a team to transform a group or business. 

This concentration provides a foundation in a number of areas that are crucial to a managers’ success – planning, ethical decision-making, interpersonal skills, team-building, performance development and evaluation, conflict management, motivation and leading change.

A specialization in leadership prepares students to enter a variety of organizations, both for profit and not-for-profit or to potentially work as an organizational development consultant.

Additionally, the department offers a graduate certificate in Leadership. 

BUAD 6400Results-Based Management MBA Core Course3
EFSB 6590New Venture Creation3
EFSB 6690Strategic Management of Innovation3
HURM 6700Human Resource Management3
HURM 6710Employment And Labor Law3
HURM 6720Advanced Negotiation and Conflict Management3
HURM 6730Performance Management3
HURM 6750Current Topics In Human Resource Management3
HURM 6760Talent Management3
HURM 8700Human Resource Management3
HURM 8710Employment and Labor Law3
HURM 8720Employer-Employee Relations3
HURM 8730Performance Management3
HURM 8740Human Resource Strategy and Metrics3
HURM 8750Current Topics in Human Resource Management3
HURM 8760Recruitment and Retention3
MGMT 5110Introduction To Management3
MGMT 6100Leading Through Ethical Decision-Making3
MGMT 6150Leading and Developing Yourself3
MGMT 6160Leading With Power and Influence3
MGMT 6190Leading change and Organizational Improvement3
MGMT 6930Independent Research Instructor approval1-3