General Communication Minor

Required Courses
COMM 2000Mass Communication And Society3
COMM 2130Media Writing 13
Elective Courses
Select 15 hours from the following (6-9 hours from each area):15
Communication Studies Courses
Public Presentations
Nonverbal Communication
Group Communication
Organizational Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Communication Theory
Crisis & Conflict in Organizations
Independent Study
Visual Communication I
Speech Writing
Public Relations Theory
Persuasion Theory
Research Methods
Professional Business Communication
Visual Communication II
Public Relations Practices
Public Relations Case Studies
Family Communication
Gender, Culture & Communication
Media Courses
Digital Publishing
Media Producing and Performance
Audio Production I
Television Studio Production
Social Media I: Introduction to Social Media
Independent Study
Media Writing II
Mass Communication Law
Audio Production 2
Multimedia Newswriting
Content Management
Social Media II: Social Media Communication Strategies
Mass Communication Ethics
High School Publications
Advanced Television Production
Mass Communication History
Integrated Media
Public Relations Case Studies
Total Hours21