General Communication Minor

Required Courses
COMM 2000Mass Communication And Society3
COMM 2130Media Writing 13
Elective Courses
Select 15 hours from the following (6-9 hours from each area):15
Communication Studies Courses
Public Presentations
Nonverbal Communication
Group Communication
Organizational Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Communication Theory
Crisis & Conflict in Organizations
Independent Study
Visual Communication
Speech Writing
Introduction to Public Relations
Persuasion Theory
Research Methods in Everyday Life
Professional Business Communication
Advanced Visual Communication
Public Relations Campaigns
Public Relations Case Studies
Family Communication
Gender, Culture & Communication
Media Courses
Introduction to Digital Design
Media Producing and Performance
Audio Production I
Television Studio Production
Social Media I: Introduction to Social Media
Independent Study
Media Writing II
Mass Communication Law
Audio Production 2
Multimedia Newswriting
Content Management
Social Media II: Social Media Communication Strategies
Mass Communication Ethics
High School Publications
Advanced Television Production
Mass Communication History
Integrated Media
Public Relations Case Studies
Total Hours21