Minor in Film/Video

A minimum of 21 hours is required for minors in Theatre and Film, as follows for each minor:

Required Courses12
Film I
Digital Cinema Production I - WAC
Critical Approaches to Cinema
Cinema History
Cinema Studies
Select 1 or 2 of the following:3-6
Media Studies
Critical Approaches to Cinema III
Critical Approaches to Cinema II
Global Cinema
Creative Approaches to Cinema
Documentary Film
Experimental Film
History of Video Art
Women's Studies Topics In Film
Film Video Production
Select 1 or 2 of the following:3-6
Honors Thesis
Special Projects
Cinematography and Color Grading
Producing and Production Management
Screenwriting - WAC
Screenwriting - WAC
Directing for Camera: Styles and Techniques
Film/Video Workshop 1
Advanced Production
Animation and Optical Printing
Methods for the Professional Editor
Documentary Field Production
Directing Actors for the Screen
Total Hours18-24

May be taken more than once.

  • Students will identify, evaluate and critique the aesthetic, thematic, ideological, and philosophical elements of various film and media texts.
  • Students will synthesize theoretical writings on film and media with their own critical perspective.
  • Through written presentation, students will construct and apply critical perspectives regarding the aesthetics and theories of film and media.
  • Students will demonstrate proficiencies in the fundamentals of filmmaking including aesthetic expression, narrative structure, and technological literacy.
  • Students will expand their artistic, personal, social, and cultural awareness through creative inquiry and critical observation.
  • Students will create a variety of aesthetic expressions using moving images to develop artistic and professional method.