Minor in Theatre Arts

Select one:3
Stagecraft and Theatre Technology
Stage Lighting and Sound Technology
Costume Technology
THR 2000Theatre Production Practicum0
THR 2200Script Analysis3
THR 2400Fundamentals of Design3
THR 2600Acting I3
THR 3150Theatre History - Ancient to Contemporary - WAC3
THR 3250Theatre and Stage Management3
THR elective3
Total Hours21
  • PLO 1. Students will be able to evaluate a diverse selection of theatrical voices, traditions and practices.
  • PLO 2. Students will be able to evaluate theatrical work critically using appropriate terminology.
  • PLO 3. Students will be able to professionally collaborate in theatre making.
  • PLO 4. Students will be able to integrate theatrical storytelling skills.
  • PLO 5. Students will be able to articulate their individual creative voice utilizing theatre theory practices.
  • PLO 6. Students will meet appropriate professional expectations in the theatre arts.