Minor in Theatre Design and Technology

Select Two From Below6
Stagecraft and Theatre Technology
Stage Lighting and Sound Technology
Costume Technology
THR 2000Theatre Production Practicum0
THR 2200Script Analysis3
THR 2400Fundamentals of Design3
THR 3250Theatre and Stage Management3
Select Two From Below6
Stagecraft and Theatre Technology 1
Stage Lighting and Sound Technology 1
Costume Technology 1
Stage Makeup
Stage Lighting Design
THR 3420
Advanced Stagecraft and Technical Production
Stage Scenic Design
Scene Painting
Advanced Costume Construction
Stage Sound Design
Stage Costume Design
Total Hours21

You may use any of these course not already used in the catagory above. Course may only be used once

  • PLO 1. Students will examine and investigate a diverse selection of theatrical voices, traditions and practices in service of creating a more comprehensive and expansive knowledge of their craft.
  • PLO 2. Students will construct critical perspectives about text, performance, production and design in both practice and theory.
  • PLO 3. Students will skillfully apply the best practices in their area of concentration (performance, production, design and administration), and in theatre making as a whole.
  • PLO 4. Students will develop and integrate theatrical storytelling skills and effective collaborative production processes.
  • PLO 5. Students will investigate theatre theory practices and history in order to develop and articulate their individual creative voice.
  • PLO 6. Students will compile the skill sets that best prepare them to meet the professional standards and expectations in the theatre arts.