Minor in Exercise Science

A minor in exercise science provides students from other departments across the University with the opportunity to gain experience in this area. The minor requires 24 credits of course work, including required lecture and lab courses in human anatomy, physiology, exercise physiology, and biomechanics as well as elective courses taken from a variety of areas within exercise science. Students interested in completing the minor in exercise science should contact the program academic advisor for additional information. 

Required Course
EXSC 1700Intro to Exercise Science 12
EXSC 2510Human Anatomy 123
EXSC 2520Human Anatomy Lab 121
EXSC 2530Human Physiology 123
EXSC 2540Human Physiology Lab 121
EXSC 3520Applied Exercise Physiology 13
EXSC 3530Applied Exercise Physiology Laboratory 11
EXSC 4540Applied Biomechanics3
EXSC 4550Applied Biomechanics Lab1
Select 6 hours of the following:6
EXSC 2590Microbiology and Infectious Diseases3
EXSC 3240Concepts of Exercise Fitness and Health Strategies3
EXSC 3580Exercise Pathophysiology3
EXSC 3680Sport and Exercise Pharmacology3
EXSC 3850Cardiac Dysrhythmia Interpretation (FL) 13
EXSC 3860Cardiac Dysrhythmia Lab (FL) 11
EXSC 4850Clinical Exercise Testing (SP)3
EXSC 4860Clinical Exercise Testing Lab (SP)1
EXSC 4900Human Performance Seminar1-3

Courses noted with FL or SP are only offered in those semesters.
Students will be required to meet all of the prerequisites and co-requisites for the elective courses in the minor.