Degree Requirements


Students from the Judith Herb College of Education must complete a minimum of 120-128 undergraduate credit hours of course work for degrees in Education with licensure. The exact number of hours is determined by the program. Students completing degree programs in teacher education must attain a minimum overall higher education GPA of 2.7, as well as maintain the same average in their teaching major and professional education courses prior to enrolling in internship/student teaching. The cumulative average includes all grades for credits earned, plus grades of IN and F and those acquired in repeated courses at The University of Toledo and at other institutions that the student attended. Degrees in Education without license require a minimum of 120 undergraduate credit hours of course work. Students may qualify for a second bachelor’s degree in the College by completing a minimum of 32 credit hours of additional residence course work and by satisfying the applicable bachelor’s degree requirements and state requirements.

University Core Curriculum

Students earning bachelor’s or associate’s degrees in all University colleges and programs are required to complete the University Core Curriculum. Those courses are distributed in the areas of English composition, mathematics, humanities/fine arts, social sciences, natural sciences (with lab) and multicultural studies (see the General Section of this catalog for details). Some colleges and programs require courses in these areas over and above those required to fulfill University core requirements. The student’s academic department or college office should be contacted for specific details.

Residence Requirement

Students transferring from other institutions must earn at least 30 credit hours in the Judith Herb College of Education at The University of Toledo to be eligible for graduation and/or teacher licensure.  Policy Name:  3364-71-10 Residency requirement for a degree

Junior- and senior-level courses in Professional Education must be completed in residence for students completing teacher education programs.

Application for Graduation

Students must apply to graduate for their degree to post to their transcript. See the UT Policy web site for additional information.