Student Services

Academic Advising
Academic advising is a process intended to help students derive as many benefits as possible from their educations. This occurs when advisors help students develop and reach academic and career goals. While the ultimate responsibility for making personal and educational decisions rests with the student, advisors assist by helping to identify and assess alternatives and the consequences of decisions. Advising can be much more than selecting courses. The more frequently students arrange to meet with their advisors, the better their needs can be served. New students, transfer students, students changing colleges, and continuing general studies students are advised in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Student Services Office, University Hall Room 3000, by college staff advisors.  See the Student Services web page for more information. They:

  • provide essential information;
  • help students select courses to meet University General Education and college skill area and distributive requirements;
  • suggest courses for the exploration of majors and minors; and
  • help students evaluate academic progress and adjustment to university life.

Students with declared majors and/or minors are advised by departmental major or program advisors, faculty who provide general information as well as more specialized information about majors and minor programs, departmental course offerings, and career and graduate opportunities. They help students select courses for general, major, related, and other requirements. Students seeking more than one major or degree, a minor, or admission to professional school should meet periodically with one or more additional advisors. A complete list of academic advisors is available on the college website or in the College office.