Honors College

The College of Nursing offers an Honors program for eligible students as a part of the Jesup Scott Honors College limited to academically talented students. Students entering directly from high school are considered based on a review of application materials, which include a high school transcript, an application essay, leadership and/or work experience, and ACT or SAT scores. Students with an ACT composite score of 25 or higher (SAT composite of 1250 or higher) and a high school GPA of 3.5 or higher are encouraged to apply.

In order to  receive the Honors medallion at graduation, Nursing students must complete all requirements of the Nursing program. Honors students complete a minimum of 27 semester hours of Honors courses, with at least 15 semester hours in the nursing upper division (3000 level and above). All Nursing Honors students must take the following JSCH courses for a total of 9 credit hours:

  • HON 1010  Ideas and Society (3 credit hours)
  • HON 2010 Multicultural Toledo (3 credit hours)
  • HON 3010 Community Engagement (3 credit hours) or (HON 4950  or HON 4960) Honors Seminar (3 credit hours)
  • A honors thesis or project supervised by a faculty member in the major is required (3 credit hours)

To maintain good standing in the Honors Program, students must achieve a 3.3 overall GPA and minimum 3.3 GPA in nursing coursework. If the nursing GPA falls below 3.3, students have 2 consecutive semesters to bring their GPA back up to 3.3. Students must meet with the CON honors program coordinator whenever the GPA falls below 3.3.

LATIN Honors

The University of Toledo will include all course work taken at other institutions of higher education in the calculation to determine if a student will graduate with Latin honors; no student will be awarded a level of  honors above that indicated by The University of Toledo cumulative GPA. The University of Toledo requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of standard letter-graded courses in the major in order to qualify for graduation with Latin honors.