Academic Policies

The University of Toledo Policy Website offers access to all relevant policy, operational procedures, governing documents and handbooks for The University of Toledo. The University College Standard Operating Procedures outlined below govern the administration of University College  programs and services in compliance with the UToledo Academic Undergraduate Policies. 

Declaring /Changing Majors

Students in good standing who wish to change from University College to another prospective college should make an appointment with a college advisor in the University College Student Services Office to discuss their intended transfer and have their academic records reviewed. All college requirements, including core and distributive as well as major and related requirements, must be fulfilled as specified in the catalog for the year in which the student enters the college of their choice. Some colleges have selective admission or deadlines for an intended major. These deadlines are strictly enforced.

Required academic performance

Student must maintain a 2.0 grade point average to remain in academic good standing within University College.


A student with a cumulative GPA less than a 2.0 is automatically placed on academic probation until a 2.0 cumulative GPA is achieved. Students may not withdraw from a course without speaking with their advisor, nor are they permitted to register for a future semester without consulting their advisor.


University College follows The University of Toledo's Academic Standing Policy as it pertains to suspension and attempted credit hours.

Academic Dismissal

Students who have been suspended previously for one year, who have been reinstated and now are facing suspension again will be academically dismissed for three years.

Reinstatement - University College Students

Students who have been suspended from another academic college at The University of Toledo will not be reviewed until they have served their academic suspension from that college.

Reinstatement Procedure

All reinstatement documentation must be submitted by the student to the University College email address at Consult your advisor for further details.  Students who have active holds on their account will not be reviewed until those holds are cleared.

Review of Reinstatement Documentation

All documentation is reviewed by the Academic Review Committee.  The decision of approval/denial of appeals will be sent from the University College email account to the student’s University email account. If denied, students may petition for reinstatement in a future term. Students approved for reinstatement may additionally be required to complete non-credit workshops or programs designed to help ensure their academic success.