Department of Exploratory Studies

Kelsey Hammitt, M.Ed.
Director of Student Services

The Department of Exploratory Studies serves as an entry point to The University of Toledo for students who are exploring college majors or working to meet the admission requirements of a specific program/ college. It also offers services to enhance a student's transition to the university setting and become successful in their academic pursuits. The Department of Exploratory Studies includes services for non-degree seeking students, Pre-major students, Exploratory Studies students, College Credit Plus, and the QUEST students who are undecided on their major.

Student Exploring Majors

The QUEST Program ensures that students who are undecided on a major and are exploring their options have access to the resources necessary to make informed academic and career choices. Students can stay in the QUEST Program for a maximum of three academic semesters. At any time during the three semesters, providing they meet the requirements for their chosen major, students can declare a major in an academic college.

The program provides academic advising that serves the various needs of students choosing a major and refers them to other campus events, services, and resources such as Career Events, tutoring, career development, and others as necessary. While in the QUEST program, students work to fulfill general education requirements.  Employers are looking for college-educated employees with transferable job skills. QUEST helps students gain these skills, which include critical thinking, decision-making, and adapting to change.

Exploratory Studies

Students that do not meet the admission requirements for the college of their choice are placed into the Department of Exploratory Studies.

Students may take advantage of advisors who will guide them through the process as they prepare to enter their chosen program or college. Advisors are dedicated to helping students make the right choice in scheduling classes and to making referrals if additional academic support is needed. After a student’s first semester within Exploratory Studies, they will be re-evaluated to determine if they meet the requirements to officially declare a major in the college of their choice. While in Exploratory Studies, new students will participate in the Exploratory Scholars Learning Community. Students will be part of a meta-major cohort and will take UC 1000, a one (1) credit FYE orientation course and UC 1120, a two (2) credit Career and Self-evaluation course. Students will also work to fulfill additional general education requirements.