Program 60

Program 60 provides educational experiences at reduced rates to individuals 60 years of age or older who have resided in Ohio for at least the last 12 consecutive months.  Enrollment is limited to space availability which is determined on the last day of the regular registration period.  Students must meet all course prerequisites to enroll. 

The University of Toledo provides tuition scholarships for adults enrolled in Program 60 who wish to audit college courses.  Program 60 participants do not receive college credit through enrollment in the program.  Students must apply for admission and register to audit courses through University College.  All Program 60 participants are responsible for any additional fees such as the cost of textbooks, general fees, lab fees, technology fees, faculty fees, special service fees, online course fees, library, parking, and other fees.

Program 60 students are not eligible to enroll in an independent study course, studio art courses, private music lessons or other similar courses where a course or section number is required to be created.