Graduate Certificate in Corporate Finance


If you are currently enrolled in a degree seeking program and wish to earn a certificate while pursing this degree, please complete the Request to Add a Graduate Certificate form. Click here for complete instructions and form.

If you are not currently enrolled in a degree seeking program but wish to earn a certificate, please complete the Graduate Online application. Click here to apply online.

Applicants Will Submit the Following:

  • Transcripts showing evidence of a Bachelor’s degree with at least a 2.7 cumulative G.P.A.
  • Resume
  • Application and Fee (if required)

for International Students:

  • International Students currently pursuing a graduate degree (masters, Ph.D., MD, JD) at The University of Toledo are eligible to apply for graduate certificates in business.
  • International students not currently enrolled in a graduate degree-seeking program with The University of Toledo are not eligible to apply for a graduate certificate program.

No GMAT or GRE will be required for admission to a Neff COBI graduate certificate, however if the student later applies to a graduate program in Neff COBI, a GMAT/GRE score may be required.

Notes:  Admissions to a Neff COBI graduate certificate program does not guarantee admissions to a Neff COBI master’s program. For courses to count toward a Neff COBI master’s degree, a grade of “C” or better is required.

Applications for admission are considered on a rolling basis. However, students are encouraged to submit their applications by the following dates:

Domestic students:

Fall semester August 1st
Spring semester November 15th

International students:

Fall semester May 1st
Spring semester October 1st

Take both of the following:

BUAD 6200Corporate Finance3
FINA 6130Advanced Corporate Finance3

AND Choose one of the following:

FINA 6150Financial Institutions And Markets3
FINA 6370MBA International Financial Management3

Prerequisite for BUAD 6200 is  FINA 5310 for Level GR with minimum grade of C or [BUAD 3040 (Principles of Finance) for Level UG with minimum grade of C. The prerequisite to FINA 5310 is ACCT 5000  for level GR with a minimum grade of C or BUAD 2040 and BUAD 2050 for Level UG with minimum grade of C] or [ACTG 1040 for Level UG with minimum grade of C and ACTG 1050 for Level UG with minimum grade of C] or equivalent UG/GR course from accredited University. The BUAD 6200 with a grade of C or higher is a prerequisite to all Finance 6000 level electives.

  • PLO 1. Present a cohesive approach to financial decision making based on the principle of shareholder maximization\\n
  • PLO 2. Examine the concepts and methodology of long and short-term investment and financing decisions, and their effect on the firm\\n
  • PLO 3. Evaluate business projects based on the cost of capital and make decisions using capital budgeting concepts\\n
  • PLO 4. Integrate real and current business examples to illustrate a variety of financial practices and theory