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The Marketing major provides the student with the key knowledge and skills to make decisions about an organization's marketing strategy, including digital marketing, customer relationships, and sales, in a domestic or international setting to further the goals of the organization. The student learns to approach problems with a clear understanding of the relationship between marketing and other business functions. Depending on how students package the courses, it allows a student to concentrate in marketing management, professional sales, or international marketing. Though it is not possible for a specific concentration to be listed on the official transcript, students majoring in Marketing are encouraged to consider the coursework they select based on their career interests.

Marketing Major

In addition to required core classes, select three of the following courses (9 credit hours):9
Study Abroad Program ( )
Relationship Marketing
Strategic Customer Insight & Analysis
Digital Marketing
Global Sales and Sales Management ( )
International Marketing ( )
Special Topics ( )

Specializations Areas:

Students wishing to specialize in Sales & Sales Management should take MKTG 6250, MKTG 6140, and either MKTG 6980 (as applicable and approved by an advisor), MKTG 6220, OR MKTG 6230. If MKTG 6140 is not currently offered, select two from the “either” list.  

Students wishing to specialize in International Marketing should take MKTG 6400, MKTG 6250, and either IBUS 6100 or MKTG 6980 (as applicable and approved by an advisor).  

Students wishing to specialize in Marketing Management should take MKTG 6220 and MKTG 6230 along with one other course from the list.**

** When offered MKTG 6140 would be recommended.

  • Upon completing this program, students will have fulfilled their core MBA course requirements in addition to specializing in the field of Marketing through the study of three of the following topics: 1. Study Abroad; 2. Relationship Marketing; 3. Strategic Customer Insight Analysis; 4. Digital Marketing; 5. Global Sales and Sales Management; 6. International Marketing; 7. Special Topics in Marketing.