M.P.H./M.B.A. Dual Degree

Students applying for the Master of Public Health/M.B.A. dual degree program must have earned a bachelor's degree. A student must apply and be admitted to the College of Health and Human Services and the John B. and Lillian E. Neff College of Business and Innovation separately to be admitted to the MPH/M.B.A dual degree program. If the applicant is required to take the GRE by the MPH Admission Committee, the College of Business and Innovation will accept GRE scores in lieu of the GMAT. If the applicant does not need to take the GRE for admission to the MPH program, the applicant will be waived GMAT for admission to the M.B.A. Program.

Admission to one program does not guarantee admission to the other program. Refer to the College of Health and Human Services and M.B.A. sections of this catalog for specific admission standards for each program.

Appropriate M.P.H. courses listed under the Public Health Management major of this catalog will be applied towards the M.B.A. elective area. Up to a maximum of 12 credit hours of 6000-level BUAD courses will apply towards the M.P.H. elective requirement.

Please refer to the College of Health and Human Services catalog for more information regarding the program requirements for the M.P.H. degree.