Pharm D./M.B.A. Dual Degree

Students applying for the PharmD./M.B.A. program must have earned a bachelor's degree. A student must apply and be admitted to the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the John B. and Lillian E. Neff College of Business and Innovation separately to be admitted to the PharmD./M.B.A dual degree program. The PCAT will be accepted by the College of Business and Innovation in lieu of GMAT scores. If the PCAT is waived, the GMAT will also be waived.

Admission to one program does not guarantee admission to the other program. Refer to the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science and M.B.A. sections of this catalog for specific admission standards for each program.

Admission to one program does not guarantee admission to the other program. There are separate applications and fees for each program. Students apply and are admitted to the PharmD program after two years of preparatory course work in chemistry, calculus, biology, organic chemistry, physics, and physiology. Students apply for entry into the 4-year professional PharmD program in their Sophomore year. In the first year in the PharmD program, the student’s junior year, they would begin their coursework towards the M.B.A. by completing the undergraduate level equivalent Common Body of Knowledge course requirements. Students interested in declaring a business minor would contact the COBI Undergraduate Advisors in the Undergraduate Student Services Center. Students in the PharmD program graduate after the first two professional years, four years of higher education, with a BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

PharmD students complete their last two years of the PharmD program at the graduate level. Up to 18 additional credit hours may be required if a student does not have the Common Body of Knowledge courses completed with a grade of C or higher. Once a student is admitted and enrolls at the graduate level, the Common Body of Knowledge courses must be taken at the Graduate level. Students are not permitted to enroll in and apply undergraduate courses toward MBA degree requirements. Up to three College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science courses will serve as M.B.A. electives. The nine credit hours of elective course work will be fulfilled by a combination of (2) APPE rotations from the Management, Leadership, or Administration Track, and (1) IPPE rotation from the Management, Leadership, or Administration Track, and other PHPR courses as listed in the table below. Students in the dual degree program will earn their MBA in Administration. The following table identifies each M.B.A. course and describes how the student will complete the work.

M.B.A. Prerequisites

Common Body of Knowledge
Courses Take by Pharm D Students
BUAD 2040
BUAD 2050
Financial Accounting Information
and Accounting For Business Decision-Making
BUAD 3040Principles Of Financial Management3
ECON 1150
ECON 1200
Principles Of Macroeconomics
and Principles Of Microeconomics
BUAD 3010Principles Of Marketing3
Select one of the following:
Evidence Based Medicine 1
Evidence Based Medicine 2
Any Statistics I equivalent course
BUAD 3020Principles Of Manufacturing And Service Systems3

M.B.A. Curriculum

MBA Core Courses
BUAD 6100Accounting For Decision Making3
BUAD 6200Corporate Finance3
BUAD 6300Strategic Marketing And Analysis3
BUAD 6400Results-Based Management3
BUAD 6500International Business3
BUAD 6600Supply Chain Management3
BUAD 6800Information Technology And E-Business3
BUAD 6900Strategic Management Capstone3
PHPR 8940Clinical Clerkship4
PHPR 8940Clinical Clerkship (( Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience))4
PHPR 6920Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience 51
PHPR 6010Leadership and the Military Healthcare Professional2

This plan of study would result in the student having a M.B.A. major in Administration. Students seeking a double major would be required to successfully meet the requirements set forth for each major.

The following table displays a potential matriculation pathway for this dual degree program.

Potential Matriculation Pathway

Year Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester
1 Pre-prof Pharmacy Courses Pre-prof Pharmacy Courses
2 Pre-prof Pharmacy Courses Pre-prof Pharmacy Courses
Application and admission into the PharmD degree
3 PharmD Coursework PharmD Coursework BBA Coursework
4 PharmD Coursework PharmD Coursework1 4 M.B.A. courses
1 BBA course
5 PharmD Coursework PharmD Coursework M.B.A. Coursework
2 M.B.A. course 1 M.B.A. course
6 APPE Experiences APPE Experiences

Students graduate with BSPS degree after the Spring semester year 2 (Fourth Term). 

BBA - Bachelors of Business Administration
M.B.A. - Masters of Business Administration

  • PLO 1: Participate in experiences and interactions with patients, pharmacists, pharmacy techs and other health care providers in community, institutional, and other pharmacy or healthcare settings.