Cannabis Management Certificate

EFSB 4900Cannabis Entrepreneurship3
BLAW 4900Cannabis Law3
MBC 4400Cannabis Science: Plants and Products3
PHCL 4400Cannabis Science – Risks & Benefits3
  • PLO 1: The Cannabis Certificate at the University of Toledo advances a breadth and depth of knowledge on Cannabis ranging from basic science to production to entrepreneurship. Coursework taught by the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences includes detailed explorations of Cannabis history; plant structure, genetics, and horticulture; plant chemical production, isolation, analysis, and formulation; and pharmacology, biochemistry, physiology, neurobiology, addictive properties, risks, and benefits as related to human use. Coursework in the College of Business and Innovation examines ethical and legal realities and the management of production, marketing, and distribution of Cannabis products. Students identify and argue the validity of social, legal, and ethical underpinnings of Cannabis prohibition and update on current and trending State and Federal regulations. Students gain insight into the entrepreneurial challenges in the manufacture and distribution of Cannabis products both for medical and recreational use in a public but highly regulated marketplace and develop ideas as to how to be successful given evolving parameters.