Department of Accounting

Heba Yousef Abdel-Rahim, 2016, Assistant Professor, B.S., Assiut University; M.S., University of Florida; Ph.D., Georgia State University

Mai T. Dao, 2009, Associate Professor, B.B.A., Flinders University; M.S., Maastricht University; Ph.D., Florida International University

Diana R. Franz, 1992, Chair and Professor, Masters of Professional Accountancy, Wichita State University; Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Karen Y. Green, 2015, Assistant Professor, A.A., Henry Ford Community College; A.A., Henry Ford Community College; B.B.A., University of Michigan-Dearborn; M.S., University of Michigan-Dearborn; Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University

Dana Hollie, 2018, Barry Endowed Professor and Associate Professor, B.B.A., Rochester Institute of Technology; M.B.A, George Mason University; Ph.D., Washington University

Meng Huang, 2020, Assistant Professor, B.B.A., Jilin University, M.S.A., University of North Texas, M.S.A. University of North Texas, M.S. Economics, Eastern Illinois University

Deidre A. Liedel, 2015, Associate Lecturer, B.B.A., University of Toledo; J.D., University of Toledo College of Law

Xiaofeng Peng, 2014, Assistant Professor, B.S., Nankai University; M.S., Kent State University; M.S., Michigan State University; Ph.D., Kent State University

Nancy L. Snow, 1998, Senior Lecturer, B.B.A., University of Toledo; M.S., University of Toledo

Keith S. Walker, 2020, Assistant Professor, B.B.A., Kennesaw State University, Masters of Accounting, Kennesaw State University, Ph.D. Texas Tech University

Xinlei Zhao, 2018, Assistant Professor, B.B.A., Tianjin University; M.S., University of Arizona

Department of Applied Organizational Technology

Bonadine Berry, 2000, Senior Lecturer, B.A., Siena Heights University       

Humphrys, Mary, 1989, Chair and Associate Professor, B.A., M.B.A., University of Toledo

Morris, John, 1983, Associate Professor, M.B.A.

Osthimer, Jeff, 2006, Associate Professor, B.A., M.A., University of Toledo

Department of Finance

Collin M. Gilstrap, 2016, Assistant Professor, B.S., Clemson University, Ph.D. University of Alabama

Gary S. Moore, 1989, Professor, B.S., Iowa State University; M.B.A., Ph.D., Arizona State University; J.D., University of Iowa

Alexey Petkevich, 2011, Chair and Associate Professor, B.B.A., Belarusian State University; M.S., Texas A&M University; Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Ozcan Sezer, 2002, Associate Professor, B.A., Ankara University; M.A., Boston College; Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Marc W. Simpson, 2013, Neff Endowed Chair and Professor, B.A., Oregon State University; M.A., Fordham University; Ph.D., Fordham University

Andrew Solocha, 1989, Associate Professor, B.A. Long Island University; M.A., Central Michigan University; PhD., Michigan State university

Pavel Teterin, 2018, Assistant Professor, B.S., B.B.A, University of Montevallo; M.S., University of Alabama

Shawn Tysiak, 1994, Associate Lecturer, B.B.A., University of Toledo; M.B.A., University of Toledo

Jue Wang, 2020, Assistant Professor, B.S., Peking University, B.A., Peking University, M.A., Peking University, M.Sc,, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Kainan Wang, 2012, Associate Professor, B.S., Shandong University; M.S., McGill University; Ph.D., Washington State University

Department of Information Operations &​ Technology

Fred E. Ahrens, 2015, Assistant Lecturer, M.S., University of Toledo; M.B.A., M.S., Ph.D., University of Cincinnati;

Hao-Wei Chen, 2017, Assistant Professor, B.S., Fu-Jen Catholic University; M.S., Eastern Michigan University; Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Benjamin T. George, 2020, Assistant Professor, B.B.A., University of North Texas, MBA, University of North Texas, Ph.D. University of North Texas

Suvankar Ghosh, 2016, Associate Professor, M.A., University of Minnesota; Bachelor of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology; M.B.A., University of Minnesota; M.S., Northeastern University; Ph.D., Kent State University

Bassam Hasan, 2001, Associate Professor, B.S., Yarmouk University; M.B.A., Southwest Missouri State University; Ph.D., University of Mississippi

Paul Hong, 1987, Professor, B.A., Yonsei University; M.A., M.B.A., Bowling Green State University; Ph.D., University of Toledo

Euisung Jung, 2014, Assistant Professor, B.A., M.B.A., Kyungpook National University

Teresa A. Keefe, 2001, University Distinguished Lecturer, B.B.A., University of Toledo; M.B.A., University of Toledo

Jacquelyn A. Oricko, 2004, Associate Lecturer, Program Faculty

James Strebler, 2016, Assistant Lecturer, B.B.A., Kent State University; M.B.A., Case Western Reserve University

Rajab Suliman, 2018, Assistant Lecturer, Ph.D., South Dakota State University, M.S., University of Garyounis, B.S., University of Misurata

Steven A. Wallace, 2015, Assistant Professor, B.S., North Carolina State University; M.S., University of North Carolina-Greensboro; Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Xinghao Yan, 2016, Associate Professor, B.S., M.S., Nankai University; M.S., Ph.D., Purdue University

Yue Zhang, 2010, Associate Professor, B.B.A., Tsinghua University; M.S., Tsinghua University

Department of Management

Marcelo J. Alvarado Vargas, 2013, Associate Professor, B.S., Universidad Privada Boliviana (Bolivian Private University); M.A., Florida International University; M.S., Universiteit Gent (Ghent University); Ph.D., Florida International University

Barbara Brotzki, 2016, Assistant Lecturer, Associate Degree Owens Community College, B.B.A., M.B.A., University of Toledo

Stephen Callaway, 2008, Associate Professor, B.A., Ball State University; M.B.A., Indiana University; Ph.D., Temple University

Brandon S. Cohen, 2008, Senior Lecturer, B.S.,Bucknell University; M.B.A., University of Toledo; J.D., University of Toledo

Joseph T. Cooper, 2015, Associate Professor, B.S., Case Western Reserve University; M.B.A., Case Western Reserve University; Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Dale J. Dwyer, 1989, Professor, B.A., University of Cincinnati; M.A., University of Cincinnati; Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Laurence S. Fink, 1994, Professor, B.A., State University of New York at Albany; Ph.D., Purdue University

Jacalyn M. Flom, 2004, Senior Lecturer, B.B.A., University of Toledo; M.B.A., University of Toledo

Selina A. Griswold, 1989, Associate Professor, B.B.A., University of Toledo; M.A., Northcentral University; M.S., Purdue University

Margaret M. Hopkins, 2005, Professor, B.S., Newton College of the Sacred Heart; M.S., Case Western Reserve University; Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

Insch, Gary, 2014, Associate Professor, B.S., Brigham Young University; M.B.A., University of Utah; M.S., Ph.D., Indiana University

Kimberly A. Nigem, 1997, Associate Lecturer, B.B.A., University of Toledo; M.B.A., University of Toledo

Amy M. O'Donnell, 2005, Senior Lecturer, B.S., Bowling Green State University; M.S., Miami University

Donald K. Wedding, 1968, Associate Professor, B.A., University of Louisville; M.A., University of Louisville; J.D., American University; M.B.A., University of Toledo

Nathan W. Weidner, 2019, Visiting Assistant Professor, B.A., University of Missouri Columbia, M.A., Wayne State University, Ph.D., Wayne State University

Courtney E. Williams, 2020, Assistant  Professor, B.S., University of Central Florida, M.A. University of North Carolina at  Charlotte

Jenell Wittmer, 2008, Associate Professor, B.S., College of Charleston Honore Program; M.A., Wayne State University; Ph.D., Wayne State University

Robert D. Yonker, 2003, Associate Professor, B.A., Bowling Green State University, M.A., University of Missouri - St. Louis; Ph.D., University of Missouri - St. Louis

Department of Marketing and International Business

Ainsworth A. Bailey, 2002, Associate Professor, Diplôme, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Paris; B.Sc. University of the West Indies; M.B.A., Baruch College-City University of New York; M.Ed., University of Toledo; M.A., University of Toledo; Ph.D., University of Iowa

Anne L. Balazs, Dean and Professor, Ph.D., University of Masschusetts/Amherst, A.B., Smith College

Bashar S. Gammoh, 2006, Professor, B.A., Yarmouk University; M.B.A., University of Jordan; Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

Tyler Hancock, 2020, Assistant  Professor, B.B.A., University of Southern Mississippi, MBA, University of Southern Mississippi, Ph.D., Mississippi State University

Catherine M. Johnson, 2015, Assistant Professor, B.A., University of Kentucky; M.B.A., Minnesota State University; Ph.D., University of Alabama

Jeen Su S. Lim, 1983, Professor, B.A., M.B.A., Seoul National University; Ph.D., Indiana University

Michael L. Mallin, 2005, Professor, B.S., The Ohio State University; M.B.A., The University of Dayton; Ph.D., Kent State University

Elizabeth Napier, 2019, Assistant Professor, B.A., Georgia State University, MIB, Georgie State University, Ph.D., Georgia State University

Sam Okoroafo, 1986, Professor, B.Sc., University of Nigeria; M.B.A, Ph.D., Michigan State University

Lora F. Parent, 2005, Associate Lecturer, B.B.A., University of Toledo; M.B.A., University of Toledo

Iryna Pentina, 2008, Professor, B.A., Kharkov State University; M.A., Kharkov State University; Ph.D., Kharkov State Pedagogical University; M.B.A., University of Louisiana; Ph.D., University of North Texas

Ellen M. Pullins, 1996, Professor, B.S., Ohio University; M.A., The Ohio State University; M.B.A., Wright State University; Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Susan Shultz, 2005, Senior Lecturer, B.A., M.B.A., University of Toledo

Jennifer Stevens, 2018, Assistant Professor, B.B.A., Belmont University,

Carol Sullinger, 2006, Senior Lecturer, Bachelors, University of Toledo; M.B.A., University of Toledo