Minor in Criminal Justice

The minor in criminal justice gives the student an overview of the criminal justice discipline. It includes an introductory course and a foundation course in each of the four areas recommended by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (i.e., penology, policing, constitutional law and juvenile justice). The remaining six hours give the student freedom to explore areas of interest in criminal justice. The minor requires 21 credit hours for completion. Grades of "C" or better required in all CRIM courses.

CRIM 1010Criminal Justice3
CRIM 1110Penology3
CRIM 1240Policing3
CRIM 2230Criminal Procedure3
CRIM 2250Juvenile Justice3
Select 6 hours of CRIM Electives at the 3000/4000 level
CRIM 3110Hate Crimes3
CRIM 3220Crime Mapping And Criminal Profiling3
CRIM 3230White Collar Crime3
CRIM 3240Victimology3
CRIM 3250Women and Crime3
CRIM 3290Criminal Investigation II3
CRIM 3300Sex Crimes3
CRIM 4000Narcotics Policy and Enforcement3
CRIM 4010Probation and Parole3
CRIM 4410Criminal Forensic and Trial Practice3
CRIM 4450Administration Of Police Services3
CRIM 4490Current Topics-Crim3
CRIM 4520Police And Society3
CRIM 4940Criminal Justice Internships3-12
CRIM 4990Independent Study In Criminal Justice1-3