Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Legal and Paralegal Studies

LGL 1010Introduction To Law3
LGL 1720Law Practice Management3
LGL 2020Civil Procedure3
LGL 2120Real Estate Transactions3
LGL 1150Tort Law3
LGL 1160Legal Research, Writing And Case Analysis3
LGL 2110Estate & Probate Administration3
LGL 2940Legal Assisting Internship3
LGL Electives6
Total Hours30

Below is a sample curriculum for the Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Legal and Paralegal Studies program. Sample curriculum is subject to change. Please consult the department for up-to-date information.

The certificate requires 30 credit hours for completion.

Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Legal and Paralegal Studies 

Plan of Study Grid
First TermHours
LGL 1010 Introduction To Law 3
LGL 1720 Law Practice Management 3
LGL 2020 Civil Procedure 3
LGL 2120 Real Estate Transactions 3
Law Elective (see below) 3
Second Term
LGL 1150 Tort Law 3
LGL 1160 Legal Research, Writing And Case Analysis 3
LGL 2110 Estate & Probate Administration 3
LGL 2940 Legal Assisting Internship 1 3
Law Elective (see below) 3
 Total Hours30

Although the Legal Assisting Internship may be taken by post-baccalaureate certificate students during their second semester, it is strongly suggested that it be taken alone in the student’s third semester.

Law Electives

LGL 2130Family Law3
LGL 2210Practices And Procedures In Administrative Law3
LGL 2700Advocacy: Mock Trial3
LGL 3010Law Of Business Associations3
LGL 3030Advanced Legal Research & Writing3
LGL 3050Bankruptcy Practices & Consumer Applications3
LGL 3330Litigation3
LGL 4030Contract Law3
LGL 4130Clinic Experience3
  • PLO 1 Maintain prestigious approval by the American Bar Association.
  • PLO 2 Design new courses and review existing courses for possible improvement and updating.
  • PLO 3 Implement innovative teaching methods and technology.
  • PLO 4 Requires students to demonstrate communication skills.
  • PLO 5 Require students to research and analyze legal and ethical issues applying appropriate legal and ethical standards.
  • PLO 6 Require completion of “real world” projects
  • PLO 7 Require completion of internship
  • PLO 8 Offer mock trial experience within inter-collegiate setting
  • PLO 9 Offer mediation experience within clinic setting
  • PLO 10 Provide networking opportunities with professional associations
  • PLO 11 Provide community outreach through service learning opportunities